Letter to the Editor

Dear Fellow Citizens,
My name is J. R Walker.  I attended Tarleton State University, owned and operated a successful business in Stephenville for 50 years.  Stephenville is a wonderful place to live and rear children.  We have a low crime rate, reasonable taxes and a friendly community.  I would like to see us grow and create new jobs and prosperity for everyone.  This can be achieved by operating our city like a business.  First, you have to build a budget around your income.  Not create programs you don’t have the money to fund.  We need to maintain the things we have like streets, utilities, Police, Fire Fighters and salaries.  With the money left over we can look at the projects that are most needed.  The number one project should be enticing industry and businesses to come in, that will increase our tax base and give our city government more money for their projects.  As you can see, I am a conservative.  I don’t believe you should spend more money than you take in and you should not continue to raise taxes, because it is the easy way to get what you want.  Someone has to pay for it, and it is seldom the ones spending.
I ran my business with these principles and it worked.  So many politicians don’t understand this policy or just have no common sense.  Let me give you the names of  some people who are running for Stephenville City Council who agree with these principles.
They are: Rhett Harrison, Nick Robinson, Doug Svien and Sherry Zachery
J. R. Walker

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