Branded South Band takes off in Stephenville

Stephenville residents form new band, play area gigs



STEPHENVILLE (July 15, 2017) – On Saturday night, the Branded South Band played a show at Hard Eight BBQ in Stephenville.  They played a number of cover songs by the following artists: Van Morrison, Eric Clapton and Roy Orbison, among others.

The band consists of guitarist Kevin Montgomery, bassist Tim Turnbeaugh, drummer Kenneth Smith and vocalist Lindsay Crow, and has been recently formed, although it has roots leading back to Louisville, in Northeastern Kansas.

Drummer Kenneth Smith and guitarist Kevin Montgomery worked together in the overhead/garage door business in Louisville.  They were two musicians who worked together, as well as jammed together.  Smith later moved to Stephenville with his wife, Shanna, to start his own business, Smith Garage Doors, here.  Montgomery moved to Stephenville about three months ago and started working for Smith Garage Doors. Once again, the two are playing music together. They recently added bassist, Turnbeaugh and vocalist, Crow and Branded South Band was born.  Fellow musician/singer, Pam Wilkenson, plans to move to Stephenville soon and reunite with Smith and Montgomery.

Branded South Band plays a variety of tunes, virtually every listener will hear a song they know and like.


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