Banking Big Bucks: Local rodeo athletes show up strong in Utah

Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill are back on the PRCA circuit they had previously dominated and were back in the winner's circle last week in Ogden, Utah. || Courtesy DUDLEY BARKER/

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STEPHENVILLE (July 25, 2017) — For the state of Utah, ti was the biggest week of rode all year, and for a host of athletes with ties to Erath County, Stephenville and Tarleton State, it was an opportunity to bank some serious cash.

That’s an opportunity Cowboy Capital of the World cowboys seem to rarely let slip away.

The team roping competition at Spanish Fork Rodeo Days in Spanish Fork, Utah might as well have been a two-head roping in somebody’s back yard arena right here in the Cowboy Capital. Team ropers with ties to Erath County banked about $25,000 in Spanish Fork.

Heeler Paul Eaves of Hucakbey was part of the winning team, along with heading partner Clay Smith. They were third in the first round and tied for third in the second go for an average time of 9.0. They totaled more than $7,400 at the rodeo.

Right behind them in the average was Hico header Shay Carroll, who partnered with Nano Garza to post 9.4 on two. They split the second-round with Caleb Smidt and Marty Yates, with both tea

ms roping head and heel in 4.3. Carroll pocketed more than $4,700, while Yates earned $2,398 in round money, a rarity for the tie-down roping star in a team roping competition.


Kaleb Driggers of Huckabay and heeler Junior Nogueira were 9.5 on two take third in the average after tying for sixth in the first round and for fifth in the second. They won more than $4,400, Past Tarleton State header Billy Brown and Logan Medlin went 10.8 on two for sixth in the average and $1,338 each. In round money, heeler Dakota Kirchenschlager was 4.8 to tie for fourth and win $1,394 in the first, heeler Cole Davison was 4.4 to tie for third and earn $1,729 in the second go-round, while Lipan heeler Patrick Smith and the legendary Trevor Brazile tie fifth and earn $1,059.

Isaac Daiz and Sterling Crawley were both good in the only round of saddle bronc riding at Spanish Fork. Diaz scored 86.5 points for second place and $5,275, while Crawley tied for seventh at 83.5 for $803.

Past Tarleton cowboy Reese Riemer continued his recent surge, winning the Spanish Fork tie-down roping average in 17.5 seconds on two head. Riemer was third in the first round and earned a total of almost $6,200. Chase Williams of Stephenille was seventh at 19.4, including a second round victory in 7.5 seconds, pocketing a nice pay day of more than $3,600. Serling Smith of Stephenville was second in the opening round in 8.3, winning a dollar over $2,400, and Timber Moore, a past Tarleton standout and SHS graduate now living in Aubrey, tied for third and earned $1,861 in 8.5 seconds in round two.

If Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill end up dominating PRCA team roping the way they did in the years leading up to their one year exodus on the Elite Rodeo Athletes tour, Ogden Pioneer Days in Ogden, Utah may be looked at as the place the dominance picked back up. They held off Huckabay header Charly Crawford and Joseph Harrison by three-tenths of a second, 10.4 – 10.7, to win the average after taking round one and tying for second in round two. The strong display earned the Lipan and Huckabay cowboys more than $5,700. Crawford’s team was second then tied for fourth in the rounds, and earned about $4,700. Driggers and Nogueira tied for fourth in the first round and were third in the average making almost $2,900 each.

Jacobs Crawley won the Ogden saddle bronc riding and $4,907 with a score of 87.5. He was also good for 85.5 to win the first round at Days of 47 Cowboy Games and Rodeo in Salt Lake City, picking up another $3,200.

Also in Salt Lake City, Cimarron Boardman of Stpehenville won a round and took fourth in the Gold Medal Performance for $3,800, and Yates won a round for $3,200 whjie other locals pocketed their own share of round money.


Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo
Spanish Fork, Utah

Bareback riding:
4. (tie) Richmond Champion, $1,724

Team roping:
First round – 3. Clay Smith/Paul Eaves, 4.6, $1,896; 4. (tie) Lane Ivy/Dakota Kirchenschlager, 4.8, $1,394; 6. (tie) Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira, 4.9, $558

Second round – 1. (tie) Shay Carroll/Nano Garza and Caleb Smidt/Marty Yates, 4.3, $2,398; 3. (tie) Clay Smith/Paul Eaves and Cory Kidd/Cole Davison, 4.4, $1,729; 5. (tie) Trevor Brazile/Patrick Smith and Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira, 4.6, $1,059

Average: 1. Clay Smith/Paul Eaves, 9.0 on two, $3,848; 2. Shay Carroll/Nano Garza, 9.4, $3,346; 3. Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira, 9.5, $2,844; 6. Billy Bob Brown/Logan Medlin, 10.8, $1,338

Saddle bronc riding:
2. Isaac Diaz, 86.5, $5,275; 7. (tie) Sterling Crawley, 83.5, $803

Tie-down roping:
First round – 2. Sterling Smith, 8.3, $2,401; 3. Reese Riemer, 8.6, $2,041
Second round – 1. Chase Williams, 7.5, $2,761; 3. (tie) Timber Moore, 8.5, $1,861; 7. (tie) Reese Riemer, 89, $420
Avergae – 1. Reese Riemer, 17.5 on two, $4,142; 7. Chase Williams, 19.4, $900

Ogden Pioneer Days
Ogden, Utah

Bareback riding:
3. Richmond Champion,n 86, $3,232

Team roping:
First round – 1. Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill, 5.3, $1,751; 2. Charly Crawford/Joseph Harrison, 5.4, $1,523; 4. (tie) Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira, 5.8, $952

Second round – 2. (tie) Clay Tryan/JadeCorkill; 5.1, $1,409; 4. (tie) Charly Crawford/Joseph Harrison, 5.3, $947 6. (tie) Billy Bob Brown/Logan Medlin, 5.4, $495;

Average -1. Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill, 10.4 on two, $2,627; 2. Charly Crawford/Joseph Harrison, 10.7, $2,284; 3. Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira, 11.4, $1,942

Saddle bronc riding:
1. Jacobs Crawley, 87.5, $4,907


Team roping:
First performance – 3. Chad Masters/Travis Graves, 4.6 $1,600
Third performance – 3. Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira, 4.6, $1,600

Saddle bronc riding:
First performance – 1. Jacobs Crawley, 85.5, $3,200; 3. Serling Crawley, 80.5, $1,600
Fourth performance – 2. (tie) Isaac Diaz and Cort Scheer, 81.5, $1,600

Tie-down roping:
First performance – 1. Marty Yates, 7.6, $3,200
Fourth performance – 1. Cimarron Boardman, 7.9, $3,200
Gold medal round – 4. Cimarron Boardman, 8.8, $6,000
Barrel racing – 1. Kassie Mowry, 17.04, $3,200

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