Two killed in Sunday afternoon crash on US 67



ERATH COUNTY (August 13, 2017) – Two people are dead following an accident on US 67, north of Stephenville, at the county line Sunday afternoon.

According to Texas DPS PIO Sr. Trooper Dub Gillum, at approximately 1:15 p.m., a 2006 Pontiac G-6 was driven eastbound by Brandon David Seitz, 21, a college student from Glen Rose, when it began to rain. The report indicated Seitz lost control of the Pontiac after going through a curve on US 67, near the Erath/Somervell County line. The Pontiac traveled across the center stripe and struck a 2013 Nissan Altima driven westbound by Sharron Marshall Winn, 73 of Boerne.

Frist responders from the Erath County Volunteer Fire Rescue, Cross Timbers First Responders, Erath County EMS and Erath County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the scene along with DPS troopers. Upon arrival, first responders found Winn, her daughter Kelley Winn Elliot, 40, also of Boerne and a black K-9 all dead inside the vehicle. Erath County JP Shawnee Bass was called to the scene and the women’s family was notified.

Seitz was taken by personal vehicle to Glen Rose Medical Center with non-incapacitating injuries.

No further information was available at this time as the crash is still being investigated by the Texas Highway Patrol, Stephenville and Glen Rose Offices.



  1. this was an absolutely tragic accident. a kid is going to deal with this for the rest of his life so please be kind in your comments. i was there minutes after the accident happened. there was another accident up by the golf course, the roads were slick. please keep in mind, that could have been your kid. instead of condemning him please just say a prayer for all involved instead.

  2. My heart breaks for Kelley and her family, she was an amazing mother, daughter, and friend to many. A heart of gold. Heaven gained an angel.

  3. This accident article his too close to home for me!
    I feel moved to comment.

    This is almost exactly how my 45 year old husband (of 19 years) and our 10 year old son (and my son’s little black dog “Pico”) were killed on September 6, 2010. A 21 year old young man was driving too fast in the rain. He was passing other cars in his lane and lost control of his car. He, then, came into our lane hitting our family of 5 almost straight head-on.

    I feel sad that both of these young men will have to live for the rest of their lives knowing that they took 3 lives each. Speed kills. EVERYONE MUST SLOW DOWN (A TON….) when it begins to rain and when the roads are WET! I do feel sorry for this young man, but I also feel extremely sorry for ALL of the many…… friends and family of these innocent victims. They were minding their own business (like our family was), driving along (most likely) at a safe speed, themselves. And THEY were the ones who lost their lives. The young man who hit our family didn’t suffer any injuries, either, just like the young man in this article/accident.

    I will be praying for this family who is going to now have to live without their 2 loved (and dog) for the REST of their lives.

    Please……. SLOW DOWN, EVERYONE! My two children have had to live without their father and brother for the past 7 years, so far. I have had to live without my beloved college sweetheart and my beloved 3rd child. The missing them will always be there, no matter how many good things come later in life. God has blessed our family with a new husband/father figure and his 2 children. But a unique, specific human life can NEVER be REPLACED. No matter how much we appreciate my new husband and my children’s new father figure and the new siblings, we still long for our loved ones. Our Peter and Cooper were lost to us WAY TOO SOON and NEEDLESSLY!

    Speed kills. Wet roads ARE DANGEROUS ROADS. Drive slowly and safely on ALL ROADS… ALL OF THE TIME! This CAN happen to ANYONE at ANY TIME. No one is exempt!!! Remember this, PLEASE!

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