Two identified by DPS in crash on 377 Monday



UPDATED August 15 at 2:15 p.m. – This story was updated with information about the third vehicle involved in the crash. 

HOOD COUNTY (August 14, 2017) – Carylane Bowen Bogan, 59 of Granbury, and Robert Earl Buttery, Jr., 36 of Stephenville, were both killed Monday evening when their vehicles collided on US 377 between Tolar and Bluff Dale, just west of Campbell Road.

According to reports, first responders were dispatched to the scene of a major accident at 5:50 p.m. And while the crash is still under investigation, reports from DPS indicate the gray Toyota Rav 4, driven by Bogan, was traveling east on US 377 when it cut across into the westbound lane where Buttrey was driving a black Ford Focus. Bogan’s Rav 4 struck Buttrey’s Focus head on.

A third vehicle was involved in the accident but left the scene. That vehicle, a black 2016 Ford Escape driven by Tisha R. Grice, 48 of Stephenville.

The Escape driven by Grice was traveling east on US 377 in the inside lane, according to an update from Texas DPS. The Rav 4 driven by Bogan attempted to pass the Escape on the right and then attempted to move over in front. In doing so, the back left bumper of the Rav 4 struck the front right bumper of the Escape. Brogan lost control upon impact and traveled into the west bound lane where the vehicle struck the black Ford Focus driven by Buttrey.

According to a report released Tuesday by DPS, Grice was unaware of the contact made by the Rav 4. She was traveling to her job in Granbury and continued on uninjured.

Upon arrival on scene, first responders called for Hood County JP Danny Tuggle who pronounced both drivers dead at the scene. Texas Highway Patrol contacted the families.

DPS PIO Sr. Trooper Dub Gillum said this crash is still under investigation by the Texas Highway Patrol, Granbury and Stephenville Offices.



  1. Looks like Grice caused the wreck by hogging the left lane – then Bogan cut her off a tad too quickly and went out of control. Grice HAD TO have seen Bogan spin out in front of her. The wreck would have been in her rear views.

  2. Bogan is a hero, regardless…I call this divine intervention she took out a double homicide killer. Casey Tiner and TJ Steele’s killer. So their families feel justice has now been served. Bogan was a christian she is in heaven, cant say the same for him.

  3. This Robert Earl for I think, is the same guy who killed two teenagers with a samurai sword and spent just 5 years in jail for lack of sufficient evidence to make a proper case

    • He spent less than 2 years in jail and that was the county ail whi;e he was awaiting trial he wasnt in prison 4 months and walked free on a dounle homicide. Thats the true story.

    • He cut a plea deal! That scum only got 5 & 5 for each precious person he killed. Casey & TJ family we’re not happy about that! And he got credit for time served so was relieved in 2012 after a little ove 2 & a half years in prison! So it’s rather fitting that he died almost to the day he killed them. Because he plea bargained he never went to trial which is why there is no evidence. Not why he got so little time. I wish he would’ve slowly suffered like he must have done to them. That sword is the one TJ gave him. Robbie loved that sword. But he left it with the bodies & it was over 5 years before they found them!

  4. Exactly, just 2 years and he never gave any explanation or reason why, just kept his mouth shut. This was a case of pure Karma and the woman who hit him was an angel. Her family must be grieving but I hope they know how much justice she brought. She won’t be forgotten!.

    • It is my understanding she was dying anyway had an illness..GOD works in mysterious ways.

  5. We just watched The Lies That Bind on ID channel and had to see if what was told in the story about “Robert Buttrey dies in Head-On Collidion” was true……he got what he deserved in the end. This Monster can NEVER murder another human being! Rot in hell Buttrey!!!

  6. Robbie wasn’t a psycho killer or anything like that .He made a mistake. And trust me T.J and Casey didn’t suffer. Robbie tried to make the best of his life afterwards,he had his own family. I can’t imagine how his children feel when they read things like this.

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