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Also new this season: Jake & Dorothy's Special Moment of the Week



STEPHENVILLE (August 30, 2017) — The moment each local game ends every Friday and Saturday this fall, The Flash Today will share its spin from sources on scene as to who won, how it h and what it means.

Sounds like a game story right?

Not quite. Forget waiting for stats to be tabulated, quotes to be obtained and, of course, the obligatory photo to be cropped, brightened, sharpened, whatever the need may be. First Financial Bank is sponsoring this unique addition to our coverage of local high school and caollege football, and it’s aimed at quenching the thirst of a “28-second society.” So many times we hear a surprising result, and instantly think, what? how? Now, you can simply visit The Flash Today, and read the First Financial Bank First Flash, and you’ll have a quick hard-hitting editorial graph on each high school football contest on a Friday night -updated whenever a game goes final – followed of course by the same on Saturdays at the conclusion of Tarleton contests.

The first edition will be up moments after the first game to end Friday, on, and will be linked to Facebook at The Flash Today – Erath County and on Twiter via @theflashsports.

Thanks to First Financial Bank, for helping us our readers first when it comes to great coverage of your local teams…in a Flash.

The Flash Today is also adding the Jake & Dorothy’s Special Moment of the Week our weekly previews, to be published on Thursday afternoons as long as a local football or volleyball steam is alive in the state or NCAA playoffs. The bulk of our sports posts are also available on our mobile app, Cross Timbers Sports, available for download now in the Apple and Android app stores.


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