Q&A: Nowak credits offensive line following 291 yard performance

Krece Nowak races away for one of his 12 touchdowns this season. Nowak is labeled as day-to-day by head coach Greg Winder after suferring a deep bruise to the ribs during the first quarer of a game last week at Graham. || Photo by NATE BURAL


STEPHENVILLE (September 7, 2017) — The DQ Player of the Week is Krece Nowak after the Stephenville junior running back rushed for 291 yards and four touchdowns las Friday. Nowak was stopped for a Q&A with The Flash Today during Stephenville’s Wednesday evening team meal at Jake & Dorothy’s.

Q) Obviously 291 yards is hard to repeat, but what was the most significant contributor to that success and how do you go about continuing to be effective running ht ball?
A) We just have to get the offensive line doing what they did last week, and I know they will. They have had a great week of practice, and I know if they keep up the intensity and come off the ball the way they did last week, then we’ll be able to run the ball against anybody.

Q) Was there ever a time in there when you realized you may be approaching rarified air or wondered exactly how many yards you had?
A) Not really, like not during the game or anything. The big thing was I thought that we would throw the ball a lot, so yeah, I was surprised.

Q) So what’s the offensive plan against Springtown Friday?
A) Well, they blitz a lot, but I know we’ll be ready. Probably a lot of “Dart” and some heavy stuff. If the offensive line plays like they did last week, it won’t even be an issue.


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