First Financial Bank First Flash – Jackets roll, others struggle

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SPRINGTOWN (September 8, 2017) — My first thought following games across the Flash coverage area. Thanks to Russell Huffman and Jessie Horton for contributing score updates and thoughts from other area games.

Stephenville 41, Springtown 13
As much as the three touchdown first quarter by Krece Nowak helped – and it did, a lot – this one goes to the defese, without a doubt. A Springtown offense that scored 35 a week earlier against Decatur, may not have cracked double digits if the Yellow Jackets had not been working in some backups. And it’s not just three-and-outs or bend and don’t break, which I think is bogus. It’s aggression that produces takeaways, primarily by Cole Pettit, whose two first half interceptions helped to hold Springtown at bay so the Jackets cold seize control. And the takeaways were right on time, because Stephenville didn’t have a single pass completion before halftime. Stops and takeaways, guys like Cole Petit. That’s how this one happened in such a way.


Hard to believe this one was 14-11 at one point. That was before a 34-0 Tolar run to the final horn. Defense again. Sure, there were lightning bolts being thrown past the Tiger defense out there, but the Tigers don’t score a point after the early stages of second quarter? And we bragged so much on them for pulling away in the fourth just a week ago. Nice job by the Tolar defense, in similar fashion to Stephenville’s, giving the offense time to warm up the jets. And then, blast off.

Dublin turned the ball over five consecutive times. Five consecutive times. Albany scored after the first four second half turnovers, but the red Lions were done trying to score on the green Lions after it was 61-14. Albany was always going to win this, but turnovers made it the blowout margin you see above.

DE LEON 53, WINTERS 0 (as of end of 3rd Quarter due to lightning delay)
Really? And to make matters worse a lightning delay? Wake me up when De Leon plays Crawford. The first and second time.

No really, the Bearcats are good, bordering on great. It’s a fun time to wear maroon and live in northern Comanche county.



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