Hico slugs out 21-6 district win over county-rival Hamilton

Here's hoping your favorite local team can stay upright and not get knocked heels over head under the full moon and Friday night lights! || The Flash Today/JESSIE HORTON


HICO (October 13, 2017) — They say rivalries bring out the best in one another, but the offensive coaches and players from Hico may take issue with that statement. The defensive players and coaches, though, they should have no qualms, as defenders were certainly on top of their performance Friday night when neither could score a touchdown in the second half. In the third, no one scored at all, the Tigers fortunate to have a little breathing room because a missed extra point by the Bulldogs meant it a 9-point margin, not eight.So while the Tigers were never threatened by a single play going awry and costing them the game, they still needed two field goals – and got them – in the fourth quarter to put this one away.



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