Petska heels first world title with partner Rogers

More than $130K at NFR pushes 2017 totals past $265K


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LAS VEGAS –Team roping header Erich Rogers was just slightly more than $200 behind the world standings leader when the WNFR started.

His partner, team roping heeler Cory Petska, was less than a $1,000 behind the heeling leader. Petska and his wife own a winter home in Erath County

Both of them made the most of their 10 days in Las Vegas, as they teamed to win $131,705 each at the Finals and capture their first gold buckles for their respective events – and set records in the process.


“Man, this is a great feeling to get a championship,” Rogers said. “I’ve been here several times and to finally get an opportunity to capitalize on it, and to have Cory behind me, especially to have him heeling for me, it’s a great feeling to have him there and the confidence that he has in both of us is just one of the greatest feelings a guy could have.”

Rogers set the record for most money won by a header in a year, while Petska did the same for heelers.

The fact that Rogers and Petska are such good friends only added to the pride in their title.

“It’s awesome, because he’s like my best friend and my brother,” Petska said. “We spend so much time together that you’d want to win it with someone you like, and you want to be around. We spend hours together and we’re really good friends, so to win it with one of your best friends is dang sure better than winning it with someone you don’t like.”

Rogers and Petska finished the 2017 season with $265,417 each. The pair placed in seven rounds, splitting the win in Round 5.

They tied for second in the Finals average, finishing behind only Chad Masters and Travis Graves, who won with 61.2 seconds on 10 head. Garrett Rogers and Jake Minor won Round 10 in 4.1 seconds.



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