There’s a big buzz coming out of the Honeybee’s basketball mini-camp



Around two dozen future, Honeybee basketball players got their careers started Tuesday as they began the first day of a three-day minicamp being hosted at Stephenville High School.

There were lots of smiles and perhaps little awe at being on the basketball court with varsity basketball players who are running the camp and giving lots of encouragement and coaching.


“It’s a great experience for the girls because they get to see what coaching is like,” Coach Alan Thorpe said. “It’s kind of funny when they come and tell me that the kids aren’t listening to them.”

Thorpe chuckles as he shrugs his shoulders and then fully laughs, “Now they get to see what coaching is really like.”

Of course, Thorpe is kidding and the Honeybees are in control as they coach the campers through different drills that include stations in different gyms.

Judging by the smiles The Flash Today caught on camera the Honeybees are also making it fun.


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