Future Honeybees are hitting the hardwood this week at Honeybee Basketball Camp



An estimated 100 area girls are taking part in the Honeybee Basketball Camp being hosted at Henderson Junior High this week under the direction coach Alan Thorpe and his staff.

The camp is designed to challenge athletes, instill basic skills and raise up the level of competition between the campers who are attending. Various contests are pounded out to the max and there are plenty of smiles mixed in with looks of intensity.

It also gives coaches a chance to see who is serious about basketball and who just might be the next young lady added to a 9th, JV or even varsity roster.


Has Thorpe seen a freshman that might make the varsity squad?

“Nobody right now,” Thorpe said. “But that young lady over there under the goal and the one across court those two are showing heart and skills. They have a strong chance at making the junior varsity squad.”

Thorpe is careful to keep his cards close to his chest when he talks about plans for the Honeybees’ future. He doesn’t point to which player he means because he wants to keep young minds in the game and working toward their goals.

“We just love doing this every year because we know how much it means to the athletes who are taking part,” Thorpe said. “These girls get out here and they are ready to hustle and improve.”


If campers were expecting praise and smiles they pretty much are getting what they hoped for but when it comes down telling athletes they need to be better Thorpe pulls no punches when addressing a group.

“We got some terrible foot work in this group,” Thorpe said. “We need to stand with our feet shoulder width apart with one foot slightly in front of the other.

The entire group follows his lead as he uses one athlete to demonstrate what he wants. As the results become more successful the smiles and sense of accomplishment is written across young faces.



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