Bosco Garrett celebrates Father’s Day by shattering Proctor Lake blue catfish record

Released 69.91-pound catfish will more than double lake record



It’s hard to beat this as a Father’s Day “gift.”

A Stephenville man is awaiting the official results but if everything holds true Bosco Garrett is going to be the new Proctor Lake record holder for the largest ever blue catfish.

Garrett has been after the lake record for several years now and has recorded some great catches but none like he made this weekend.

Garrett’s catch weighed in at a stunning 69.91 pounds which is more than double the official record listed by the Texas Parks and Wild Life Department. That fish was caught by Stephen Tyler Glatter in 2011 and weighed 28 pounds and measured 36.25 inches in length.

The new record’s length was 47 inches long with a girth of 33 inches.

Garrett’s new challenger appears to be a lock for not just the blue catfish record, but for any kind of fish as the flathead catfish record is 62.75 pounds and that’s well shy of Garrett’s fish.

“I had a great Father’s Day with some of my favorite people,” Garrett posted on Facebook Sunday. “I’ve been trying for several years now to break the Proctor Lake record and I finally made it happen this weekend.”

After some quick admiring and photos and video, the big fish was released back into Proctor Lake and is once again swimming in the murky depths.

Garrett will be sending off paperwork this week to begin the process that will certify the fish as the new record.

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