Dublin City Council appoints Cliff Jackson to the Economic Development Board



DUBLIN (July 9, 2018) – The Dublin City Council meeting on Monday night was a short meeting with only one notion on the agenda. The council appointed Cliff Jackson to the Economic Development Board.

The meeting was mainly comprised of staff reports. Erik Burleson gave the EMS staff report with updates that within the month, there were 32 calls in the city, 16 in the county and one in Comanche County. The EMS Provider License was submitted to be renewed. On June 21, Burleson met with Judge Thompson to discuss the Dublin County Contract to reduce Dublin’s service area. Burleson tested the response time from their station to the cutoff area to Stephenville and it takes about eight minutes versus Stephenville’s 12. Thompson wants the dollar amount of what they’re looking for.

Brad Stanford gave the airport update with news about an event on October 6 called “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” It will be the 90th birthday of the train station and the 50th birthday for the airport. Stanford said this event will “probably be as big as Saint Patrick’s Day.” The goal is to have the first Light Spot Aircraft Expo in the south.

Nancy Wooldridge gave an update on the police, code enforcement and animal control. There were 39 warnings, eight tickets, two complaints and 23 garage sales. Three animals went through the shelter and there were no adoptions. On news from the city, a new roof is being put on the railroad depot and when that finishes, all storm damage from three years ago will be completed.

The next city council meeting will be on Aug. 13.


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