Freshman Football Camp kicks off at Stephenville High School



Despite high winds and rain this morning Stephenville High School’s 9th Grade Football Camp kicked off as scheduled with an estimated 60-65 freshman football players are taking part in the first morning of the three-day camp.
“We’ve got some good numbers this morning,” coach Greg Winder said. “We’ve got some who are working and still on vacation, but I think we have about 80-85 percent of them here today.”


The weather gave Stephenville’s freshman a taste of what practice can be like when the lightning detector goes off, and all practices move inside until there is an “all clear” to move back outside.
Coaches had weight stations, sled pulls and more for players who hustled under the driving beat of loud music. It was a lifting morning for upperclassmen who were suddenly invaded by younger players who were shooting nervous glances when they saw the weight being added to a bar.

“That’s not for you,” whispered one young player to the apparent relief of another.
“We had planned to be outside this morning, and the older kids were here already working out,” Winder said. “With the weather like it is today we just combined a workout for them.”
A freshman camp a week before football workouts begin next Monday gives coaches a chance to get players into a routine and to learn what will be expected of them in the coming weeks.


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