Jackets stick to the basics in scrimmage against Glen Rose

Stanley and Renfro get equal amount of time at quarteback



If you went expecting an offense of double-chocolate sundae with triple-whipped cream and sprinkles at the Stephenville and Glen Rose football scrimmage, you were going to be disappointed.

Stephenville Coaches 1 Argyle Scouts 0.

Stephenville was plain vanilla when it came to its offensive game, and we aren’t talking “homemade or vanilla bean” it was sugar-free.

“We were very vanilla,” coach Greg Winder said. “There were things we wanted to work on at the basic levels and at this point we don’t need to be showing everything we are capable of doing.”

Stephenville traded offensive scores with the Tigers as they gave up a crossing route touchdown pass. The Jackets countered with tight end Zane Walker slipping a tackle and turning a 20-yard gain into a more than 40-yard touchdown pass from Cole Stanley.


“There’s a lot of good stuff, but there are things we have to fix,” Winder told his team. “The thing that disappoints me is the lack of energy the whole time. We got out here in a new atmosphere (Tarleton is renovating the stadium), and it was sort of like big eyes.”

Winder probably had a point as the new additions being made at Tarleton State does make it feel “new” to even senior players. So it might take a few games for Stephenville to get that “home” feeling when they are hosting games.

“You can not play this game without emotion,” Winder said. “It does not happen that way. This is 2018 every time we step out onto that practice field it’s for real.”

While Winder might have had a few critical points, he was also happy with many things he saw.

“There were a lot of positive things,” Winder said. “The defense was running around there and got picks. Got us a pick six! Good stuff! I’m proud of each and every one of you.”

Who will be the starting quarterback is still Stephenville’s biggest question as south-paw Cole Stanley and Kade Renfro are competing for the role. Stanly was the first one under center against Glen Rose, but Winder hasn’t made a final decision on who will control the reins of the state’s number three ranked team.

“Renfro has a little bit of a hip-flexor issue, but they both got an equal amount of reps. I’m not going to run Renfro because he doesn’t need to run right now,” Winder said. “He’s going to get in there for us. We just have to watch what you call offensively. Both he and Stanley executed well.”

One notable difference was the number of penalties called as Stephenville’s lineman seemed to have problems dealing with a switch in the signal callers’ cadence and jumped offsides on five occasions.

“Overall this was very positive for us,” Winder said. “We came out of the scrimmage healthy, and after these guys look at the film, they will realize we still have many things to work on.”


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