Midterm Election 2018 returns in Erath County



ERATH COUNTY (November 6, 2018) – It was a record turn out of a midterm election across the nation and Erath County was no different as county officials collected and counted hundreds of votes on everything from school board elections and bonds to city charter amendments, and, of course, the state and national elections.

Locally, 13 county officials, who ran unopposed following the March primary races, were all officially elected to their seats and the Huckabay ISD bond failed for a second time with a close vote of 364 FOR and 371 AGAINST with 17 eligible voters choosing not to vote on the measure at all. Morgan Mill ISD voters elected Tamika Graves, Mike Tucker and Ken Stokes, while Lingleville ISD elected Justin Wilson, Richard Boeve, Jay Proctor and Monty Williams won in a close race with Dean Mayfield by only 20 votes with 86 eligible voters not casting their opinion at all.

In the closely watched Stephenville city charter amendments election, all but two of the proposed changes were approved by voters. Proposition 1 (reducing the number of council members from 8 to 6) was voted down with 1,694 FOR and 2,619 AGAINST with 316 not voting at all. The second to fail was Proposition 2 (increasing the term limits from two years to three years) with a vote of 1,494 FOR and 2,869 AGAINST with 265 voters not voting at all. The other 12 proposed changes were all approved in a large margin.


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