Begay & Petska win their 3rd round at the National Finals Rodeo


Maybe Derrick Begay and Cory Petska should take it easy every season.

The team roping duo who hadn’t planned on rodeoing hard notched their third go-round win of the 2018 Wrangler NFR.


Team roping header Begay and heeler Petska clocked a 3.8-second time to win Round 9. They also won Round 3 and split the win in Round 7.

“It’s been awesome,” said Petska, 39. “We’ve only drawn three checks, but the three checks have been first, so that’s a dream come true. Your goal when you come here is to win as many rounds as you can. Winning three in the toughest setup, with 14 of the best team ropers in the world this year, it’s awesome having this much success.”

With their success, Begay is looking for more of the same.

“Just like we’ve been doing all year – you have to trust your ability, trust the horse you’re riding and your partner,” said Begay, 35. “We’ve been making the same run all year. When you get here you don’t have to change anything, just do your job.”

The duo has won $85,942 apiece at the 2018 Finals. They are fifth in the aggregate.

Begay has $170,779 in the team roping heading standings, putting him fourth in the world. Petska is third in the world with $177,236. Begay’s pride isn’t limited to the Finals he and Petska are having.

“More like the year we had,” Begay said. “We weren’t planning on rodeoing, and we did pretty good throughout the summer. We had no intentions of being here, and then us being able to qualify, and then doing so good. The whole year has been a big memory.”

Header Clay Smith and heeler Paul Eaves are leading their respective standings with $231,114 each.

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