Harrison will not seek a third term for city council



After careful consideration, I have elected not to seek a third term for city council. I appreciate those who have encouraged me to continue. However, it has been my overall intention to dedicate four consecutive years to the council, which I have proudly fulfilled at the voter’s will.
I am taking time away from the council in order to sure up some personal commitments, but see myself running again in the future. I have long championed term limits, even including them into my election platform. Stephenville voters wisely made term limits a reality last November.
I honor that result by example and self-impose those standards upon myself as part of my decision.
I have served with exceptional people that have been innovative, determined and collectively accomplished monumental tasks under complex environments. Stephenville is ‘open for business’ like no other time before.
Substantiated growth is occurring. Less intrusive policies adopted. Streets are better resourced and Eastside Sewer has come to fruition. City government serves more like a ‘business model’ that has resulted in those being held accountable regarding financial responsibility, millions of dollars saved, elimination of wasteful practices, capital invested based on returns, trimmed budgets and all has been accomplished while reducing the tax rate.
Council added the Texas Pledge, as all good Texans should. Moreover, there is council prayer, after being absent for over a hundred years.
Reality is that it’s not a council member’s responsibility to reach across the aisle, but to reach out to the citizenry, and occasionally, obstinacy trumps diplomacy in the name of achievement.
I am proud to have closely adhered to my conservative platform, for which I was elected. More than an elected official, I am an advocate for conservative principles.
Because of this, I plan continued involvement in local politics and strongly encourage others to run for council. It is an accurate representation that will help propel this community to positive heights.
My advice is to choose wisely. Thanks to my supporters and those who welcome common sense, pro-citizen government. Keep the faith, Stephenville.

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