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To the Citizens of Stephenville,

The time has arrived when we can talk about the recent announcement of the 20+ million dollar Hotel & Conference Center coming to Stephenville.

I have heard your comments and some are skeptical or apprehensive.  Most of us are extremely excited, let me share some of the reasons why. This project will anchor a commercial development that is estimated to be valued at over 50 million dollars after completion of new construction. That is in just one area of our town. This will lead to more restaurant and entertainment options for Stephenville and the surrounding communities while welcoming visitors to our area.  The hotel and conference center will be able to host events and conferences for the community and visitors alike. That will be a major boost of new sales tax revenues to go along with the property tax revenues generated with the new construction. This will help enable your city council to continue to keep your property taxes low and meet more of the needs of the community.

This development will add hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue to our tax base at no additional cost to you. That will help us provide better roads, improve our water and sewer system, provide the appropriate police and fire protection and allocate money to update our outdated senior center and recreational facilities. 

We are listening to your concerns and the desire to attract entertainment facilities for our youth. As the chair of our city’s planning and development committee, let me say, we are diligently working to make sure every investor and business prospect know Stephenville is open for business. There are lots of great things coming soon but development takes time and requires patience. Your city council and all the city’s staff, the Stephenville Economic Development Authority (SEDA) and STEDCO are working cooperatively to keep Stephenville the greatest place on Earth.  

Feel free to contact me anytime.  I encourage and welcome your ideas and feedback so that together we stand proud of the beautiful city we call home!

God bless!
Brandon J Huckabee

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