SHS Mighty Mite Blaine Gluck takes silver medal at state meet


Stephenville powerlifter Blaine Gluck lifted almost three times her own weight in the dead-lift competition and the stunning feat lifted her to a silver medal at the state power lifting championships this weekend.


Stephenville’s Might Mite lifts in the 105 division and totaled 715 pounds after lifts of 280 (squat), 135 (bench) and 300 (deadlift), and landed her second place overall.

Jessica Ebeling and Aubreyanna Ziegler also took part in the state meet with Ebeling’s 425-squat, 190-bench and 330-dead lift ranking 9th at 945 pounds. Ziegler finished 13th with a total of 835 pounds from lifts of 335-squat, 170-bench and a 330-pound dead lift

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