You best tip-toe through them there bluebonnets



The Texas bluebonnet season has started in Erath County and for the next 2-3 weeks, its prime time to go and get your picture snapped among the state’s official flower.
Here are a few tips that might help you capture just the right picture while also not getting yourself in trouble alongside the highway.

High-shutter speed and lens wide open are the recommended settings for digital SLR cameras.

You can’t be on the highway or standing in the right-a-way to shoot photos. Generally, if you see a photographer with a state trooper parked behind him, it’s because of a bad choice in parking and not because someone is picking flowers.
That’s right it’s not illegal to pick bluebonnets but if you want to get slammed on social media just trample a few flowers or do something that shows you are not thinking about others. Texans are sensitive out bluebonnets so let’s tip-toe among thing.
Here’s a related story we have run previously concerning safety.


If you want outstanding pictures pick a cloudy day because there won’t be any harsh shadows and the flowers will be more colorful. Harsh sunlight can wash out your photos and throw dark shadows across faces. Nobody wants to be forced to smile while squinting into the sun.
While the chiggers/redbugs/no see ems/ may not be out — the 100s of pounds of rattlesnakes they captured during the recent Walnut Springs Roundup should serve as a reminder that Jake the Rattlesnake and his buddy Deadhead the Copperhead are out in force.

A slower shutter speed and a closed down lens lead to more objects being in focus.

Before just plopping down (not on the flowers) make sure to look or poke a stick around to make sure snakes are not among leaves and twigs. Try to use an area that other photographers have used to avoid damaging plants.
Take along a blanket to sit on.
If you have a digital SLR camera here are some settings you might try.
Use the lowest ISO that you can 200-400 is ideal.

If you want a photo where only your subject is in focus – open up your lens as wide as it will go and turn up your shutter speed.
If you would like a photo where all the flowers and subject are in focus, then drop that shutter speed and shut down the aperture of your lens. The more you shut down, the higher your ISO will need to be.

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