Letters to the Editor


Stephenville voters,

As a former parent of children in Stephenville schools and a concerned citizen, I’m proud to support candidate Phyllis Stewart for SISD Board.
Phyllis is a hardworking 30 year owner of 3 successful businesses, a person of high moral character, integrity and traditional values. 
She is committed to the students of this community to have a quality education in a safe environment.
The majority of the present board is liberal leaning and not always fiscally responsible. The SISD has even allowed the liberal-biased CNN News into the classroom as our students’ main source of broadcast news for current events when there are other more balanced sources.
We need a conservative voice to give a balance. 
Vote for Phyllis Stewart for school board.
“ A Conservative Voice with a Conservative View.”

Thank you,
Crystal Wolf-Traylor

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