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STEPHENVILLE (May 23, 2019) – Summer break is almost here and while most children are counting down the days to freedom from school, others are not nearly as excited because school might be the only place they have a good meal. 

Well, Stephenville ISD and Cheryl Dowell, SISD Director of Child Nutrition, are working to make the hunger issue a non-starter for the district’s students. The Summer Food Service Program is not a new one, Dowell said, but one she is more than happy to help continue in her first year at SISD. It allows families to send their SISD students to a district-run facility twice a day for free meals (breakfast and lunch).

“The staff works hard to make it so no student of Stephenville ISD is worried about food this summer, or any summer, and it’s at no cost to their families,” Dowell said. “And because this program is not new, the budget is structured in such a way as to cover everything we need without hurting our regular school year lunches and breakfasts.”

Any child, 18 years old or younger, who is a student at SISD is able to come for breakfast (served at 7:30 a.m.) and lunch (served at 11 a.m.) during the summer, just like they did during the regular school year thanks to this program.

The program will run from Monday, June 4, until Friday, June 26. And meals will be provided at Gilbert Intermediate Cafeteria, which is located at 950 N. Dale in Stephenville. 

Students do not have to be enrolled in Summer School to be a part of this program, however, Dowell reported a majority of the Summer School students were a part of the program last year. Approximately 150 kids ate at SISD last summer and Dowell expects as many, if not more, this summer. And she said she and her staff are ready for them.

If you are interested in more information about the summer meals program, contact your student’s school office during regular school hours or email Dowell at [email protected]


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