Dublin names new football field for influential coach


October 23, 2019

DUBLIN — Dublin ISD has announced the name of their new football field and it couldn’t be more fitting – the Bob and Norma Cervetto Field. 

“I mean it’s surreal and so humbling to think this district would name the field for Norma and I,” Lions Head Coach Bob Cervetto said of the decision on Wednesday. “It really is all about the kids for us and we’re so excited and blessed to be a part of this district already. It’s just, wow, it’s emotional.”

“When I presented the idea for naming the field after coach to the board, I told them I couldn’t think of a better man,” said Dublin ISD Superintendent Dr. Rodney Schneider. “This will be a wonderful addition to the campus and a huge improvement on the overall safety of our students.”

Cervetto, whose Lions are currently undefeated in district play this season and sit atop District 7-3A, said the new field will be eye-catching with it’s alternating green turf and bright yellow end zones. There will be a Texas with the Lion for centerfield that Cervetto said will really bring a pop he’s excited to see. 

The field, which is being built on the bone of the Lions’ practice field, is next to the Dublin Secondary Campus and already has a new track surrounding it. According to Schneider, the groundwork for the new turf is being done this week and the field will be ready for the Lions’ first home game of the 2020 season. 

“They’ve already started work on the area where the turf will be laid and pouring some concrete for the bleachers,” Cervetto said. “But we play our last home game in the old Memorial Stadium on Friday, Nov. 1, and there will be a crew on Monday, Nov. 4, to pull the home stands out of there for the new field.”

Schneider said the old home stands would be used for the visitors’ seats at the new field and the home side will have an extra 1,000 seats. 

“We’re increasing seating on the home side by adding 500 seats on each side of the original home bleachers,” he said. 

The new field, or the turf and the bleachers, will cost the district an estimated $2.1 million. However, school district officials said the increase in safety and participation will be a huge benefit to the district. And to help offset the cost, officials say the use of facilities by other districts will bring in funds to the district. 

Cervetto said Dublin ISD already has a marching band festival planned for October 2020 and other inquiries coming in all the time. 

“We’re excited,” he concluded, “It’s an honor for the field to bear our name, but it’s more exciting for this district and these kids.”


  1. Well Dr. Schneider I don’t know about searching to find a better man than Coach Cervetto. I know nothing bad about the man but I’ll tell you about the man in charge of construction of the Old Memorial Field. His name was D.B. Tipton and he was chosen to head up the fathers in Dublin to chair I guess you could say the project. D. B. Tipton was the Santa Fe railroad agent when I moved to Dublin in 1959. Mr. Tipton didn’t own a car and neither did the mayor. Mr,. Hoffman. I followed them around like a little puppy dog when I was a kid. Mr. Tipton taught me how to type 65 words a minute with 2 typos on a manual typewriter when I was a 7 years old.

    I wouldn’t be much of a Dublin ex and Dublin “D” member and friend to the old timers of Dublin that had sons play football on Memorial Field if I didn’t ask re-consideration be made about the field where the Lions play. Its wonderful that there is a new sporting complex for Dublin. I am for the Coach and Wife name’s to grace the complex. The Bob and Norma Cervetto Sports Complex home to the Lion’s Memorial Field.

    It’s just the least I could do for a great man that in harder times headed up the planning and funding of the old Memorial field. Now you are going to be talking to Pat Leatherwood and others about who I am and you’re going to find bad things about me and that’s alright. I’m starting to see where this county is stacking up to be about Glory so maybe I should start blowing my horn some.

    I am responsible for the Veteran’s clinic in Ft. Worth ,Texas ever starting. I am responsible for land being bought across from St. Vincent’s homeless facility and given to the homeless along with 3 years later I had a new homeless home built in Las Vegas strictly for women and children. Billy Kloster used a few stock tips of mine that went in on hardships such as helping funerals, etc. for citizens. I have no idea why I ever typed this paragraph but I could go on with it.

    I’m only asking that the Memorial Field be allowed to maintain its name and Coach Cervetto and his wifes name be used to garner the entire sporting area.

    With holidays approaching let me take an opportunity to wish you all Happy Holidays. Wishing those Lions all the best.

  2. I’m not qualified to find a better man but I believe we might find out that Mr Tipton and the other fathers and mothers that named Memorial Field might have had in mind some good men and women that were associated with WWII.

    I knew when I saw Billy Klosters name on that street in front of the new school things might could escalate to names.over there in Dublin.

    You’ll hear a story about me “hitting golf balls at the red light”. The true result of that rumor was Bill Crouch getting hired by the Erath County Sheriffs Department where he served this county honorably and well. He was Chief of Dublin Police when that rumor began on me. You’ll here many true and untrue things on me around from any people that might remember in Dublin. What you won’t hear is that there are many trees planted in Israel that I played a role in having planted along with lots of debt paid off in conjunction with Dr. Milton D. Ratner when I returned to Chicago in 1975 and began rounding up the Chicago-Israel bonds written by the man I went to work the first time I went to Chicago and was personal messenger for him back in 1972 on through to February 1973. That man’s name was Colonel Jacob Arvey and he was called Jake the Snake who fixed the 1948 election so Truman would return to the White House because Jake Arvey knew that Truman would give Israel anything they asked for. Few people know and still living that know I am the person that got the Warning on Microwave ovens back in the day for the Warning on Pacemakers but I was. Few people remain that I was part of the motivating force in building and starting the Doctor of Osteopathic Hospital and Medical School in Ft. Worth Texas but I was. And I could tell you many many other things I have gotten begun, started and finished. Oh lord.

    I’m saying you guys got Sports Complex going over there because Track and Field is a multi event sport added to the football games which are event so but I’m just saying that perhaps the football field could remain Memorial Field. Say too I thought I read somewhere too that band competitions can be held there. That’s wonderful. You know that the toughest thing to do at the football game is done by the Majorettes by throwing that baton in the air and catching it.

    I’m for Coach Cervetto and the Mrs. name being honored just that if you could and would carry on the tradition of Memorial Field please.

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