The Wall That Heals arrives in Stephenville


November 6, 2019

STEPHENVILLE CITY PARK – The Wall That Heals arrived in the Stephenville City Park Tuesday afternoon thanks to Erath County’s Western Dairy Transport. Hundreds of Erath County residents were around the square and in the park to welcome The Wall to Stephenville Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday morning, there were all kinds of volunteers to help put The Wall up for display.  The two largest volunteer groups were the students from White Horse Christian Academy and students from the various TSU Athletics programs. Also present were teachers and coaches, Stephenville City Council member, Mark McClinton, Sheriff Candidate Kent Howell, and many other prominent and caring citizens.  The Flash was told the construction process was expected to take approximately six hours.


Arrival in Stephenville

Building The Wall That Heals


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