Bear Hunt on Bluebonnet


April 9, 2020

Stephenville resident, Tatum Brinkley, said creating the Facebook group, Bluebonnet Neighborhood Circle, has been very rewarding for her in so many ways.  

“We live in a big neighborhood with so many families in different age groups, walks of life, all with different stories to tell.  I recently transferred back to Tarleton for college and didn’t realize how crucial it is that we know, value the stories and build community with the people we literally live next door to,” Brinkley said.

She said social media has given everyone a way to accomplish that with a Facebook group. Brinkley was inspired by other local neighborhoods to take the initiative like they have with knowing their neighbors and doing this Bear Hunt.

“The bear hunt for us was a way to begin building the bridge between houses, encouraging parents to get outside and walk the neighborhood with their young ones, and for us to be aware of some older neighbors who might need assistance from time to time,” she said. 

Those who are walking the neighborhood are encouraged to look for teddy bears displayed at many of the houses, mostly in the windows but some are placed outside the homes.  Colored pictures of bears have also been used.

“When you take the time to realize that every person has a need and desire to feel known, the world feels a little smaller,” said Brinkley. “Stay tuned this next week for a neighborhood wide celebration of Easter with a progression of the Easter story on mailboxes! If you do not live in our neighborhood, we would love for you to (slowly) drive through and see how many bears that you and your family can spot. Stay safe everyone and keep practicing that social distancing.”


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