NCAA Division I Council provides update on fall activities


INDIANAPOLIS – The NCAA Division I Council and Board of Directors took the following actions in regard to the current state of fall sports:

  • Temporary Changes to Football Practice Season. Adopted Resolution R-2020-11, as emergency legislation, in football, to specify that institutions that have canceled their fall seasons or postponed their fall seasons to the spring shall be restricted to up to 12 hours of noncontact activities each week from August 24 through October 4, 2020. The 12 hours of activities may include weight training, conditioning, meetings (e.g., film, team, position and individual) and up to five hours of on-field skill instruction, during which footballs, helmets and spider pads may be used. A four-hour daily limit applies to these activities and student-athletes must be provided with at least two days off per week.
  • Waivers Related to Playing and Practice Seasons. The Council approved two blanket waivers related to playing and practice seasons:
    • Women’s Volleyball Playing Season. Approved a blanket waiver permitting women’s volleyball the same flexible non-championship playing season as fall team sports other than football. Specifically, the Council waived Bylaw 17.26.1-(b)-(2) and defined women’s volleyball’s length of season as follows: Limited to 132-day season, which may consist of two segments (each consisting of consecutive days) and which may exclude only required off days and official vacation, holiday and final examination periods during which no practice or competition shall occur. The waiver is effective immediately for the 2020 fall term or until another approach is approved for the fall 2020 playing season.
    • Non-championship and Championship Segment. Approved a blanket waiver, in fall sports other than football, to permit an institution to consider the fall segment as part of the championship segment. The blanket waiver is effective immediately for the 2020 fall term or until another approach is approved for the fall 2020 playing season. The blanket waiver will permit fall sports teams to continue their competitive seasons during fall 2020 even though the NCAA championship will not be conducted in the fall.

The approval of these waivers is intended to assist the membership in applying existing playing and practice season legislation to fall sports other than football until another approach to fall 2020 can be considered. Additional changes to the playing season may be considered during the September 16 Council meeting.


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