Dublin HS 2020 Homecoming


September 19, 2020

Before the Dublin Lions (1-3) took the field against the Brady Bulldogs (2-2) for their Homecoming game, the student body honored the 2020 Queen and King. Senior Bryten Ballenger was named Queen and senior Manuel Garcia was named King.

During the second half of the game, Dublin junior Colton Moore was injured and had to be flown to John Peter Smith in Fort Worth. Dublin school officials said Moore had a ‘stinger’ and felt numbness in his lower extremities. When he got feeling back, Moore was released early Saturday morning. He will be able to return to practice on Monday, though Dublin coaches are planning on bringing him back in slowly and allow him to work out the soreness.

And that wasn’t the only trouble the Lions faced Friday night. Despite hard work by both the offense and the defense, Brady was able to mount a comeback in the second half and were able to come out on top of the Lions 38-24.

Dublin will be on the road next week as they head south to face the San Saba Armadillos (3-1).



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