Alligator in Comanche County


Flash Staff Report
November 4, 2020

A family was facing a fine after facing a 12-foot-long alligator in the Duster community in Comanche County.

According to state law, alligators can be killed in Texas by registered hunters during alligator season April – June. However, an alligator can also be killed if animals or people are in immediate danger.

Kellie Sparger said her husband, son and son-in-law were fishing in a stock tank on July 27 when the gator, which measured about 12-feet-long, appeared approximately 300 yards from them. Sparger reported her husband, Matt, shot the gator and saved not only her son and son-in-law, but also the landowner’s livestock.

“Matt, David Cervantes and Lane were fishing that day the gator was about 300 yards away when Matt shot it,” she posted on Facebook. “Mike Huddleston lost several calves to this monster… Lots of families have enjoyed fishing in this tank!”

According to Sparger, they spent the next several months dealing with the state and faced having to pay a fine for killing the gator out of season because it was determined by the state that the family were not “in danger.” Sparger disagreed, and she said she is proud of Matt for protecting the boys and the livestock.

Mike Huddleston reported on Wednesday, local and county officials have waived all county fines and fees for the charge. However, as Huddleston states in the comments below, “County court fees only were waived. A hefty state penalty was paid.”

“I greatly appreciate their common sense,” Huddleston posted on his Facebook page.

Photos from Kellie Sparger’s Facebook page



  1. After the alligator is dead he is showing how brave he isby laying next to it . He should have that while it was alive

    • Thomas, unfortunately, that is not what the law says, goggle Texas Administrative Code , Section 65.49. The Flash article quotes me as saying all fees/fines were waived which is not true. This sends and inaccurate public message. County court fees only were waived. A hefty state penalty was paid. It was worth it for the gator to be gone and for safety of kids and livestock.

      • We will correct the article right away. Thank you for the updated information, Mr. Huddleston! We couldn’t agree more that any amount is worth the safety of your family and livelihood. Would you be able to tell us how much was paid to the state in fines?

  2. But were any livestock ever killed? The proper thing to do in the first place was to simply call a game warden.

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