Cardinals take No. 2 Graford into overtime before slipping 56-51 in regional semifinals


No. 17 Lingleville had an upset on its mind in Glen Rose Tuesday as the Cardinals outhustled No. 2 Graford denying the Jackrabbits second opportunities and coming from behind to force overtime before slipping 56-51.


The Cardinals (19-7) outrebounded Graford (23-2) on defense in the Class A regional semifinal and forced numerous turnovers, but fouls plagued Lingleville throughout the game. Graford was tagged with only nine whistles the entire contest and the Rabbits’ accuracy at the line made the difference in the contest.

The Cardinals forced overtime when they came from five points down to tie the game at 45-45, but the Rabbits seized the momentum as the fouls continued to pile up and went on a 7-0 run to take command.

The Flash Today photos by Russell Huffman.


  1. Why are the Greyhounds talked about in this article when this game was the Cardinals vs Jackrabbits? Which leads me to, Jackrabbits is one word. Continuing, this article makes it sound like the Cardinals did such great things, but weren’t good enough in the end. You’ve embarrassed yourself with how this is written up. Cool pics, though! 🤣

    • Hi Ashly, Thanks for pointing out my late-night mistakes. I had written an article earlier in the day where the Slidell Greyhounds were mentioned and that crept into my story. Yes, Jackrabbits is one word. As for continuing — the Cardinals did do great things and in the end, lost because of too many fouls and the Jackrabbits making free throws. Thanks for your input. Russell

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