Letters to the Editor


I support Chad Elms for the SISD Board of Trustees for a multitude of reasons. I have known Chad for over 10 years, I’ve watched him build multiple businesses, create jobs for hundreds of people, invest in community organizations and raise a family.  In all of these things Chad is known for leading with clarity and resoluteness of purpose. Disciplined, strategic, values-driven, compassionate, and of high integrity are hallmarks of Chad’s leadership in any setting. 

Chad is a leader who serves and helps teams get things done.  He brings vision, leads to sound decision making, surfaces solutions, builds alignment among diverse stakeholders for common missions and translates all of that to action. 

His faith fuels his passion.  His leadership starts at home with his wife and son and radiates out from a place of principled constitution. 

Our communities and schools need such stewardship and servant leadership.  He will be a force for lasting good at the Stephenville ISD Board of Trustees!

Mike Sharrow
CEO, C12 Group

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