CTFAC prep for annual summer camps


June 16, 2021

As a Texas summer approaches, mask–free and with climbing heat, Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council (CTFAC) prepares for their annual camps. 

Their popular Art Camp has already hit capacity, with attendees preparing for the twelve projects they’ll be crafting, led by instructors Stephanie Beach and Laura Betancur. Works of art will be headed home with local 2nd graders and older that include flower presses, watercolor, clay, collage work and much more. 

Christine Newton, Executive Director of CTFAC, explains that the community views their art events as an outlet after time at home during the pandemic. 

“It’s just a burst of happiness through art.”

Christine Newton, Executive Director of CTFAC

Along with the art camp, CTFAC will also be hosting a Manners Camp for 8- to 13-year-olds in the area. The four-day camp teaches students table etiquette, how to address adults, and basic necessities life beyond childhood. Girls attend the morning classes, and the boys attend the afternoon sessions, coming together for a reception at the end of the week where they are able to exhibit what they have learned.   

“It’s a really neat event,” Newton said. “It’s teaching people to be kind.”

Kelly John Nance will be instructing the camp, leading the girls through a painted vase they take home, and teaching the boys how to properly open a door for ladies. 

After not being able to host an Art camp last year due to COVID restrictions, Newton explains the community was interested in it resuming this year. Attendees for the manners camp have already doubled from previous years.

The Art Camp will be held July 12th – July 15th and has already sold-out weeks before the deadline. The Manners Camp still has vacancies and will be hosted July 19th – July 23 with a $75 fee for attendees. Both camps will take place at the River North Gallery.

For more information visit www.crosstimbersfinearts.org/


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