Stephenville School Board authorizes another bond election


The Stephenville ISD Board of Trustees met on Thursday, February 17, and authorized calling for a bond election in May.  There are two propositions to consider.  

Proposition A:  The building and equipping a Football/Soccer Stadium for no more than $50 Million.

Proposition B:  The building and equipping of a Multi-Purpose Indoor Facility, construction of up to 8 tennis courts and the replacement and/or upgrading of seating capacity and press box at the baseball field for no more than $25 million.

Registered voters within SISD boundaries may vote to approve Proposition A, Proposition B, both propositions or neither proposition.

The contract between Stephenville ISD and Tarleton State University for use of Tarleton Memorial Stadium is binding through July 31, 2025.  Tarleton has been a fantastic partner and host of Stephenville high school football for as long as anyone can remember. 

“We appreciate that partnership as it will be part of Stephenville ISD lore.  We wish Tarleton the best as it blazes new paths in its athletic future and look forward to partnering on other ventures,” the district said in a release this week. “The completion of the high school additions and renovations, including fine arts areas and an ag building is close and we look forward to opening the doors for the public to see what has been accomplished.”

The release also stated, based on property value estimates and available information regarding state tax rate compression, approval of both propositions could result in an approximate $.0586 rate net increase.  The approval of Proposition A only could result in an approximate net increase of $.0291. The approval of Proposition B only could result in an approximate net decrease of $.0004. 

SISD officials said the district is currently developing plans for each of the proposed facility additions and/or renovations that fit within the proposed proposition amounts to be considered by the voters for approval.

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