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Flash staff report
February 14, 2023

Erath County Sheriff, Matt Coates, released a statement Tuesday, February 14, regarding the investigation into the shooting death of Dublin firefighter/EMS Jesse Rollins. 

“The investigation into the shooting that occurred in the late-night hours of Friday the 10th near Dublin is still ongoing. Texas Rangers from the Texas Department of Public Safety and Investigators from the Erath County Sheriff’s Office have been conducting a number of witness interviews. Investigators have also been looking through various pieces of physical evidence collected along with digital evidence that was collected.

No arrest has been made at this time although the alleged shooter and additional victim have been identified and questioned. The name of the alleged shooter is Marcus Anderson and the name of the second victim is Ray Rollins. All three individuals in this investigation are from the Dublin area. The injuries that Ray Rollins received are not believed to be life-threatening.

In shooting incidents, where deadly force was used and the use of that deadly force resulted in the death of another, the investigation must attempt to uncover factors required in determining if an arrest should be made. Those factors being, was the use of deadly force by the actor justified at the time deadly force was used? Was the deadly force used in the defense of one’s self or the safety of another? Was the actor who used deadly force in fear of loss of life or serious bodily

injury to themselves or someone else at the time deadly force was used? Was the use of deadly force by the actor reckless or negligent? What circumstances led to or occurred during or prior to the use of deadly force? Would a reasonable and prudent person put in the same situation as the actor thus act in the same manner as that of the actor who used deadly force?

Upon completion of this investigation, the full results of the investigation will be delivered to the Erath County District Attorney’s Office for review. Determination will then be made as to if or when any charges would/should be filed.

We understand that this is a traumatic time and our hearts and prayers go out to the families of all parties involved.”

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