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May 1, 2023

Jeremy Robinson is the founder and president of RP-1, Texas. Their mission is to end veteran homelessness. To explain the whys and hows here would be too long, but the links to their YouTube is below.

Their inaugural fundraiser is the Ride For Rally Point, #RFRP. It is a 1,000-mile trail ride around Texas. Robinson’s horse, Trooper, is a Spanish Barb. His lineage of Spanish Colonial horses hails from west and south of the Rockies, extending east as far as Oklahoma. Many of Trooper’s line were tribal horses of the Choctaw and Cheyenne. 

“There are 10’s of thousands of American veterans who don’t have a secure place to sleep tonight. I’m a veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq. Veteran homelessness has been a sin of our society for my entire life. For many of us, our grandparents don’t even remember a time when you didn’t see veterans huddled up under bridges when the weather got bad. Frankly, I’m tired of it, and it’s time to do something. 

So we’ve set out to travel 1,000 miles around the state on horseback, meeting with communities and their organizations along the way. There are 3 main intentions of the RFRP.

1. Spread awareness for veterans’ issues. This is not limited to homelessness but includes a host of topics from mental health, substance use, suicidality, criminal trends… The list goes on because all of these contribute to the homelessness problem. We’ll do this wherever an organization will help us gather concerned citizens. 

2. Organize meetings of concerned organizations, governments, and/or businesses along the route to attend a roundtable discussion. There, we’ll discuss the veteran issues impacting their community. The goal is that through the points made, lessons shared, and relationships built during the meeting, they may come away with some ideas to improve the conditions for veterans in their areas. 

3. Raise money to launch RP-1, Texas. This is done by attracting eyeballs. Once all the right eyeballs see our vision and hear our mission, it will come together, and we will improve our condition.”

Mr. Jeremy Robinson
RP-1, Texas I Founder & President

For more information, check out these videos.

RP-1, Texas spot on “Serving the Community”:

RP-1, Texas spot on “Charlie Mike the Podcast”:–S/

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