Kelly Christopher


September 16, 1960 ~ November 27, 2023 (age 63)

Kelly Christopher Obituary

Dear Mom,

We are left broken hearted, but your memories flood our hearts with joy.  In the early morning of November 27th, 2023, you went to be with the Lord in Heaven.  At a young age of 63, I can venture to guess that there is a greater need whether it’s to keep Whitney Vaughan-Christopher company, to see Granny (Wanda Jo Lennox), Grandpa (Stanley Tex Lennox) and your sister Donna Raymond, which I know you missed.  Or a greater task for the lord himself in which maybe John from the bible of 14:3 is correct and the Lord needs help preparing a place for all of us.  In any event, we miss you.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve learned some things that I didn’t ever stop to find out like you were born in Big Springs, Tx.  Kelly Annette Christopher was born on September 16th in 1960 and was the youngest of 4 kids.  You grew up strong, confident, and willing to stand up for what you believed was right.   Stanley (Buster) Lennox and wife Jerrie would attest, you could protect yourself in any situation including from his playful banter no matter the size difference and could dish it out as needed. I know your heart was full of love for all your siblings often gathering to play games at the table with Donna and Sheila Goldsmith with her husband Bert, or your long car rides with Buster across the state to visit family.

Mom, your love for others is probably what has left the biggest impact on us.  You have an unwavering strength when it comes to helping others or trying to find ways to make people smile.  As much as we tried to slow you down, you spent much of your time shopping for grand kids, cooking for us or ultimately trying to make our lives easier.  Madeline VanBibber, Sabrina Vaughan, Preston Vaughan, Emma VanBibber, Amber Werenskjold and her husband Traften, are going to miss you dearly.  Maddi cherished your long talks with her day, and she will miss spending time at your house which I know you adored.  Sabrina and Preston are going to miss Nenny taking them to the movies, fishing, and cooking.  You’ve left a void in their heart but have left them with confidence, joy and knowledge.  It was also neat to see how much you were excited to be a Great Grandmother to Skylar, Gunner, and Sawyer.

Your smile and your laugh we will never forget.  Not only will we not forget, but none of your friends will also forget either.  You had such an impact of any room you walked in by how hard you laughed, smiled, joked, and even danced.  Oh yes, I remember how much you’d dance.  Mom, people love being around you to hear what joke you’d say next or to hear you laugh which garnered you the nickname Betty (Rubble) because of your laugh.  You could make any moment better.

I wish we could have traveled more Momma.  I know you loved your trips to Washington DC, Las Vegas, Port Aransas, several cruises, Disney and so many other places.  Our neighborhoods are going to miss you traveling to visit them.  You’ve left your mark on our friends that will never be forgotten.  And I know your dogs Bella and Trickxy are going to miss their Momma always being with them and loving on them.

Momma, this is hard because there is so much good that we will miss.  We will miss sitting with you and drinking coffee before work.  The beautiful pictures of sunrises, snow and sunsets, I’ll miss seeing on Facebook.  I’ll never see another without thinking of your memory.  We are going to miss that person who would pick up the phone at any time, any place and to have you running for help when we are sick or in need.  Mom, we are going to miss your love which helped make us who we are. 

We love you more than you’ll even know.

Your Daughter and Son,

Brandi and husband Tim VanBibber

Royce and wife Kim Christopher

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