April 22, 2018

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This year’s City Council election is extremely important.  It will determine if the City Council finally has the numbers needed to enact conservative policies.  We need to elect conservative candidates who believe in lower taxes, responsible spending, less burdensome regulations, and industrial economic development.  One such candidate is Nick Robinson (Place 1), and I am happy to announce my support for this proven conservative leader.

Nick Robinson is a vocal supporter of lower taxes.  He knows that your money belongs to you, not the government, and he will fight to lower your taxes at every available opportunity.   He also understands what it is like to feel the pain of a burdensomely high water bill.  Nick will work to repeal the water surcharge penalty that hurt so many Stephenville families last summer.

Nick Robinson is also a proven fiscal conservative.  He is the manager of a local small business and he has a large amount of expertise in the areas of accounting and finance.  He knows how to successfully balance what is best for a business and what is best for its employees, so that both can not only survive, but thrive.  His business expertise will also provide valuable insight regarding how to best attract and retain employers.  He knows firsthand that the City of Stephenville’s antiquated regulations are harming businesses in this community.  Nick will fight to streamline all government regulations so that businesses can finally begin to truly grow once again in Stephenville.   He also knows that sometimes you do not have to pay large amounts of money for government studies, sometimes you just need common sense.  Nick will vote to end all wasteful spending.

Nick Robinson is also a supporter of industrial economic development and will fight to refocus economic development on what the people of this community truly need, and why they voted for it two years ago.  He understands that economic development is about jobs, it is about helping those who most need help in our community.  Nick will work every day while in office to bring new large scale industrial employers, and the good paying jobs they will bring, into our community.

Thank you,

Justin Allison

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