Letters to the Editor

What a great time to be living in Stephenville Texas! The upcoming city council elections are upon us, and I have decided to place my trust with Brandon Huckabee for Stephenville City Council Place 8. I have gotten to know Brandon over the past several months. He has studied the issues inside and out and is prepared to hit the ground running with little to no learning curve. New businesses are popping up and SEDA is working ever so hard to bring in more.  We are also on the cusp of a much needed, major sewer project that involves a very low-interest loan. Brandon brings a great deal of experience in these areas with him as well. He is a successful owner of 2 local small
businesses, so he is very familiar with budgeting and planning. I would like to ask you to join me in voting for the person with the right kind of experience, Brandon Huckabee Place 8 City Council.

Nick Robinson

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