Odd fact leads to life-long friendship for two Stephenville women

Happy Biirthday ladies!

"Birthmates" Stephenville's Virginia Abel and Kay Houston have the same birth date and it led to a 30-year plus friendship.


A pair Stephenville ladies are celebrating more than 30 years of friendship today and how they became friends is a story with a twist or two much like a Ripley’s Believe It or Not tale.

Virginia Abel and Kay Huston became friends long about 1995 when both were working for the Rock House but it might never have happened if not for the date June 8, 1959, which just happens to be their birthdate.

“I was working in records and administration when I came across Virginia’s file and I noticed we had something in common,” Houston said. “I couldn’t believe it but there it was her birthday was the same as mine.”

We’ve all met someone with the same birthday and probably have pegged certain celebrities that share the same birthdate, but most us don’t become life-long friends after finding out that fact.

“We found out we had many of the same interests and hobbies,” Abel said. “It was just so cool that we had so many of the same interests in addition to having the same birthday.”

Neither had much interaction at work because they worked in different areas and Houston admits they may never have become such fast friends if she hadn’t noticed the birth date.

Over the years both have wondered at times and discussed who might be the “oldest” and after more than 30 years of friendship, they decided to figure it out by checking the official records.

Houston was born in the Texas time zone and arrived just before 3 p.m. June 8, 1959, while Abel is able to claim she is the “youngest” as she was born in California before midnight the same day.

“It’s been kind of like having a sister,” Abel said. “I don’t know if the correct term is ‘birthmate’ but that’s kind of what we are.”

Happy Birthday, Ladies!

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