Sid Miller’s first statement as Texas Ag. Commissioner


Commissioner Sid Miller


Howdy, neighbors! Welcome to the Texas Department of Agriculture. I’m Sid Miller, the 12th Commissioner of Agriculture for the great state of Texas. It is a tremendous honor and true pleasure to serve Texas farmers, ranchers and all citizens as your Agriculture Commissioner. As I take office for my first term, I want you to know that I’m here to serve you as a good steward of our land and resources.

Over the next four years, my team and I will work hard on issues important to Texas families and the agriculture industry as a whole, including developing water resources to secure our future success; tackling rural unemployment and bolstering job creation; promoting Texas businesses through GO TEXAN; and securing the porous U.S./Mexico border to protect our state and nation.

Agriculture is a $100 billion industry in Texas. It’s important we work together to continue to grow this vital part of our economy and our lives. Without agriculture, we would be missing the food on our plates and the clothes on our backs. We wouldn’t have those cowboy boots on our feet, either. It’s all thanks to the men and women who nurture the land.

What a great land Texas is! We’re blessed to live in this prosperous state, and I look forward to the next four years and helping the Lone Star shine ever brighter.

Your servant,

Sid Miller

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