Hunters bag, tie 790-pound “BoarZilla” hog

Wyatt Walton takes a break after having held down this 790-pound boar while fellow hunter Blaine Garcia ran at top speed for additional ties.
BoarZilla -- Blaine Garcia and Wyatt Walton bagged and tied this 790-pound boar hog about three miles north of De Leon, Texas.
BoarZilla — Blaine Garcia and Wyatt Walton bagged and tied this 790-pound boar hog about three miles north of De Leon, Texas.


De Leon’s Blaine Garcia is about to put a whole new twist in the legends of Texas hog hunting after taking down a 790-pound boar hog this weekend about three miles north of his hometown.

Garcia, a Tarleton State University senior, is a long-time hog hunter, who up until this time hasn’t had a hog tip the scales at much more than 450 pounds. That all changed Friday, when Garcia sought the permission of Comanche County Commissioner Jimmy Dale Johnson to hunt his property.

Johnson had apparently been seeing signs of hogs on his place and warned Garcia if he was going to hunt with dogs, he was going to have to be careful the animals would not get onto neighbors’ places.

It was during the course of scouting the property for the first time that Garcia quickly picked up on signs of a big hog. He made a sighting of the massive boar shortly afterward.

“I did a double take. I couldn’t believed his size, and he took off running down a draw. I tried to walk up and get a better look but he kept running off as I approached,” Garcia said. “I called Mr. Johnson and asked him if he knew of any domesticated hogs that might be in the area and he told me no.”

Garcia was obviously excited after being told no one was aware of any domestic hogs that might have gotten loose. Certainly none that matched the size of this animal.

“I got on the phone and called my friend Wyatt Walton, who was in Cross Plains, and told him what I had found,” Garcia said. “Once he arrived on location we began to work a 20-acre area with two catch dogs.”

Garcia went one way into a ravine while Walton went to work another part of the property. As Garcia and his dog began working down the ravine he noticed the large hog had made a lot of mud wallows he compared to the size of bathtubs.

“My dog started whining and wanted to be let loose,” Garcia said. “There was the distinct smell of wild boar hog and you could smell it even more as we began to work up a brushy hill. When I had almost topped it I could see him moving toward us and around, so we got by a big oak tree and kind of hid behind it.”

Well hidden and downwind of the boar, Garcia and his dog bided their time until the animal was about 10 yards away.

“I let the dog loose and the hog had no idea we were there until the dog hit him and tried to catch him on the ear,” said Garcia. The only problem was the boar was so big the dog was only able to grab it on the jaw and the battle was on.

“The pig was really squealing and running around in circles and I’m hollering for Wyatt to come running, and he’s probably about 400 yards away,” the hunter added. “The hog is trying to get down the hill and rake off my dog, but Wyatt and his dog got there just in time.”

Having bagged hundreds of hogs with Garcia, Walton could tell something special was going on just by the excitement level he heard in his friend’s voice.

“When I first saw him, Blaine’s dog looked like an earring or some kind of jewelry hanging off the hog’s head, but it really wasn’t until we got ahold of the hog that I realized how big and powerful this animal was,” Walton said. “We’ve tied hundreds of hogs and there has never been anything like this boar.”

While Walton’s a big man, he doesn’t pack the 285 pounds on his frame (245 now) that he did when he played four years of football at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene. Still, he knows about power.

Wyatt Walton takes a break after having held down this 790-pound boar while fellow hunter Blaine Garcia ran at top speed for additional ties.
Wyatt Walton takes a break after having held down this 790-pound boar while fellow hunter Blaine Garcia ran at top speed for additional ties.

Garcia laughs as he described thinking about grabbing one of the hog’s legs, but it was so large he had to settle for the tail. Walton did grab a leg, and together they attempted to flip the hog onto its side.

“I will bet that it took us over five minutes to finally get him on his side and both of us were lying on top of him trying to tie him up,” Garcia said. “We had some nylon rope, but he was so strong that he began to stretch it out and we knew we were going to have to try something else.”

The solution lay in stronger ties, but that meant splitting up again. It was easily decided who was running to the pickup since Walton was the power and Garcia was the speed.

Leaving Walton on top of the struggling hog, Garcia sprinted to his truck, and drove it as close as possible to the area. Then together, the two hunters used ratchet straps to further bind the hog until he was almost immobile.

Prior to bagging this 790-pound boar hog the biggest animal Blaine Garcia had taken weighed around 450 pounds.
Prior to bagging this 790-pound boar hog the biggest animal Blaine Garcia had taken weighed around 450 pounds.

“He was incredibly strong; we had three legs tied together and he still tried to stand up,” Garcia said. “Together, Wyatt and I probably weigh a little over 430 pounds; it was like we weighed nothing.”

The struggle between men and hog left everyone worn out and shaky.

“We were so tired I thought we were going to puke,” Garcia laughed. “There was no way we were going to be able to get him onto a trailer by ourselves – we were so tired.”

They sought out the help of fellow hunters Zach Ryon and Ray Chupp, and used a four-wheeler and a 2500-pound winch to put the massive animal on an 8-foot trailer. All-in-all, it was about a four-hour long process that Garcia said went surprisingly smoothly.

It didn’t hurt having several long-time hog hunters on hand, all of which were amazed at what was in front of them.

They took a few quick pictures, then transported the hog to a nearby well so they could begin cooling him off to reduce his chances of dying from stress. Then it was off to Golden Oak Milling in De Leon for weigh-in on the scales. Driving in, their rig weighed 6800 pounds. After unloading the hog, they went back and reweighed the rig, which was now 6010 pounds — a difference of 790 pounds — a very big pig.

The weight slip from Golden Oak Milling in De Leon showing the incredible 790-pound weight.
The weight slip from Golden Oak Milling in De Leon showing the incredible 790-pound weight.

So what’s next for the big porker? Perhaps a trip to a game ranch in Tennessee. For now, the boar is in Clyde where it will be fed and prepared for sale.

However, before that, the animal has to be quarantined and tested for worms and other diseases. A veterinarian will draw blood to ensure the animal can be shipped out of state.
If all goes well, Garcia and Walton could bank about three dollars a pound for their boar, which would come to just short of $2,400.

“Making money off of hog hunting is pretty good,” Garcia said. “But it’s really about the whole experience. It’s something I’ve been doing a long time, and it’s fun every time.”

The best wrap to this tale is the boar is still on all fours, and there’s no doubt this is one BIG HOG!

Ray Chupp and Jimmy Dale Johnson appear dwarfed as they stand behind “BoarZilla” a 790-pound hog live captured by Blaine Garcia and Wyatt Walton with the assistance of only two catch dogs.


In Case You Missed It: There have been several major updates to this story and this wild hog may, in fact, not be so wild. We ask that you also visit that post by clicking here.



  1. Congratulations that is one big hog !!! Do you always catch them or do you kill them sometimes ???

    • take the animal to a farm, so it can be seen ,for it’s largeness, why do people slaughter a animal we see the animal , send it to a farm where it can be seen.

          • I wouldn’t even want to be in the same building that is being used to cook this hog !! You people making these comments haven’t been exposed to wild hogs. They are destructive and if someone has a use for them, have at it. I prefer my eating pigs to be under 150 # and really smaller.

          • I would think that a wild feral hog would not be a good animal to have on a farm. I know that hog would help feed a lot of families in need in Texas. I love animals but I would not want other animals or people hurt because of this one.

      • They kill them because they are an epidemic in this country they eat everything in their week do your research before coming with your agenda. PS they taste good to

  2. I’m confused! Why would you want to catch one live? Being from south Texas (Devine area) there wasn’t a hog we ever met that didn’t meet the barrel of our gun, even if we caught it in a snare first. We do have one hell of a tale though when my husband decided he was gonna live trap/tie a momma javalina and wrestle her to our hog trap! That was a very exciting day to say the least! I will never forget that sound they make with their teeth when they are angry!

    • $2,400 sound like a good reason to catch it alive. There is a market for wild hog meat, but they must be slaughtered at a licensed facility. The bigger the hog, the more per pound the hog processors pay for them.

      I have caught lots of wild hogs and this one is big, but it doesn’t look like 790 lbs to me. I think they should check the scales.

      • It was clearly NOT a domesticated hog. And they caught it because of it’s size and the fact that the meat will go bad fairly quickly and the hog still needed to be tested.

  3. I thought wild hogs were so dangerous there would be no way you could wrestle a regular sized one down and tie it like a calf! And Tennessee wants MORE wild hogs? I thought everyone was doing their best to eradicate them.

    • Their reputation is that they’ll kill anyone and anything that gets close to them. It’s called marketing… or in the case of city slickers they would probably get maimed by a 40# one. In reality they can be very dangerous if you wound one or corner it. These guys do this for a living so they know how not to get hurt.

      • IT IS a wild hog ….. just not a native wild animal ….. they are terrible…. dangerous and destructive… i guess you can claim it came from a domesticated hog at one time …. but this one is completely ownerless.

      • Wow, you should really learn how to read. The story does not say that they could tell it was domesticated. It says that he called to make sure there were no domesticated hogs in the area that matched the description. It’s called being a responsible hunter.

      • Julia1wolfe – NOT domesticated. It says they checked with the LAND owner if there were any domesticated hogs that he knew of – NOT that it was domesticated. It was also, for all others, NOT feral. Feral means once domesticated or was at one time a pet which then became wild. This hog was not a pet and had NO owners. Geez, some people need to learn to read or at least read correctly and they should do it before commenting.

  4. This is a fed hog that got out of owners pen, read the news they are now required to pay owner for this pig. He asked them nicely to return it but they chose to lie to the news and say it was wild so he took them to court.

  5. think the people talking trash on brad should take they,re butts down to texas and see first hand the damage these hogs cause .i,ve seen the damage they cause spoke to a farmer who was laid up for awhile because his tractor hit a hole made by the hogs and tractor landed on top his leg and crushed it by the grace of god this fellow is doing alright now but could have been killed instead.-so brad keep up the good work and by the way very nice hog indeed.

    • i think humans do much more damage than a damn hog. people in my beautiful town have dozed more trees overnight for a walmart than that pig would do in his lifetime. kill it but do it quick. keeping something living tied up all day is sick.

  6. We’ve got internet lawyers, keyboard game wardens, virtual interstate legislators and WiFi environmentalists…laughable.
    How about this? Great job fellas and I hope you get the $2,400 payoff. These invasive beasts destroy crops and resident wildlife. Live catching with only 2 dogs is amazing.

  7. give the hog back to it’s owners…bet you want donations to save it’s life right. you had your fun not let the hog live…

  8. being from Maryland I have never heard of this but seeing the way they have that hog tied up is cruel, it would have been better if they just put it out of its misery..instead of using it to brag and show off…just my thoughts

  9. I see no problem eradicating them if they’re a nuisance, but it seems like abuse to use dogs and to wrestle them down live like that and and lie on them and tie them up and transport them that way place to place, causing so much stress to the animal that there’s a good chance they could die of shock. Just shoot it dead and be done with it. Everything else is disrespectful and stupid.

  10. sounds like the pigs were there first..cant believe these city slickers hunt them down for their own gain…sickening.

    • What’s sickening is ignorant ‘city slickers’ getting on here, posting assinine cracks and referring to these men as ‘city slickers’. Did you not read the write-up? If they were ‘city slickers’ and tried to capture that hog they would have become part of his diet, because not only will those things KILL you they will EAT you. And NO, the pigs were not there first.

      • check out this city slicker everyone trying to convince people that the pigs were not there first. shameful. these city slicker hunters are just 2 of many destroying the county

      • Sounds like Brady needs to go hunting with these boys then we will see if still fells the same about wild hogs

  11. why do you think he has the hog by the ears ,so you cant see the notches its a duroc cross wild boar my ass bs.

  12. These are pests and not native wild animals. They are a real pest in Southern Oregon and you can hunt them year around. Their rooting destroys the woods and farmland. They also will kill and eat songbirds and anything else they can catch. Most are a mixture of European boars brought in years ago and feral pigs. Good for these guys and hope they can get rid of more.

  13. This hog has been raised to get this big. This is a hoax. There is no way a hog can get that big living on it’s own in nature, foraging for food and constantly on the move.

  14. Do unto others (including all innocent and defenseless Beloved Animals) as you would have them do unto you… they have been on earth for thousands of years before man and have the right to have freedom of life as humans do… I wish the government (BLM) would have a preservation for the Beloveds so they would not have humans harm them… now he is suffering especially around the mouth tied so tight (bleeding) and being shipped to a hunting farm… when will humans learn to be compassionate and put yourself in their place and stop hurting them… just because you think it’s right to hunt and hurt these innocents – it is not… he wasn’t hurting or bothering you and if they bother the farmers, then provide ample territory for them so they can live free as well… there are so many causes to justify helping the animals from becoming extinct and here you are… selling its life for death!! when will we learn to offer peace and harmony in our world instead of hurting the defenseless?!!! Blessings for all those who offer compassion and kindness toward all living beings…

  15. Blaine, you boys are absolutely insane. If I saw a wild hog that big I would climb a tree, and I don’t know how much you pay that dog but it ain’t enough.

  16. Even if he is dangerous, etc., etc., ad nauseam — being humane, should be the sign of being a human being. If he must be slaughtered, then he should be handled humanely and it should be done humanely. God gave man dominion over animals, but that assignment does not include cruelty or disrespect. Be Godly and be humane!

  17. Good story Brad…more power to those boys from Texas. It appears the hog belong to someone and got loose. Owner should have made a better effort to keep the hog inside of a pen. I bet if that hog had killed someone or caused an accident and injured someone …the owner won’t have been so quick to step up and accept responsibility. The boys should have been paid for capturing the hog…

  18. The ignorance of the city dwellers is beyond me. They act like this is some kind of helpless critter that should be allowed to run free and tear the hell out of everything that people have built and spent their hard earned money on. It would be so nice if we could catch a bunch and turn them loose in the cities so they could tear up people’s yards and fences, kill their cats and dogs, and throw in a few kids while we’re at it. People are beyond stupid! These hogs are NOT pets and they are dangerous to all kinds of life including humans.

  19. Ohh you can really see what big strong men these guys are. I mean look at them with that big hog tied up and them grinning like absolute idiots.

  20. Not sure if this has been brought up but couldn’t these guys make more money selling to a farm or zoo. Hogzilla would be a heck of a showcase. There has to be a way to make more than $2,400 off this specimen

  21. it’s at least half Russian boar & I guarantee it was pen raised. The area just doesn’t have the resources for one to get this big naturally!

  22. Don’t talk about ignorance of ‘city dwellers’, Jethro. The ignorance of people, no matter where they live, who think that showing the bravado of stupid white men who, with their guns and weapons, were able to ‘bag’ an enormous hog really doesn’t impress anyone who regards animals as intelligent and amazing beings. I don’t know what possessed me to click on this story….was hoping there might be some redeeming quality about hunters in it. Guess not. Well done, boys.

  23. I’m a Texan….. These “things” are very dangerous and very destructive …. they are not even native animals in the wild …. they are so bad there is no season on them …. can be shot any time…. they need to be eliminated… I’m not even a hunter but do own ranchland and I would shoot one if I see one. … … City folks just don’t get it …. so do you want Charles Manson loose in your town too.???.. .(poor guy).. Do you “poor animal types” support allowing rats and mice to live around your house… don’t they have a right to live there too ….??. My land is about 40 miles from this thing but I do live in a town. .

  24. Activist don’t see what feral hogs do to property & livestock. Sadly they are multiplying like rabbits & have to be exterminated. Not only are they destuctive they can be DANGEROUS. Sadly farmers & ranchers understand this & deal with them day in & out.

  25. Great story! Wrestling a boar has to be quite the sport. I also like that it didn’t die during the capture, though it’s going to become a lot of pork.

  26. Why can’t stupid redneck hunters just leave animals alone? This poor animal is destined for a game ranch, to have its life sold to the highest bidder, some moron who pays big bucks to kill it?

  27. Please do not kill this hog. It must take years to get that big and strong. Don’t end it’s life just because you caught it. Everything has it’s place in nature.

  28. There is always a solution to a long-term problem if someone uses their methodology to implement an idea that works for all (win-win situation). The ferals and farmers would not have any problems if the farmers cooperative donated land or requested from BLM for a ferals preservation… they would not be able to ruin the farmers crops anymore if this scenario was implemented… I have been to Pig Island in the Bahamas and no human harms the ferals there and the ferals have been self-reliant for many years … view it here…

  29. Geno… humans are destroying the earth, ocean and each other multiplying by the thousands every day worldwide… does that mean we need to exterminate them?… what’s the difference?… the ferals harm the farmers fields forging for food and survival just like humans eat for survival but in a different way… ferals do not harm any humans and the farmers settled after the ferals had already inhabited the land… if acreage/land was set aside as a feral preservation, this continued problem would be solved… is it better to kill an innocent being just because no one has come up with a solution to this very old and present problem? live and let live should be the motto for all including animals … I hope you understand the ferals point of view… they want to live free as we do

  30. Well I’ve got to say that you guys did a good job catching that hog and what’s even more good is that you’ve caught it alive. I’m pretty sure that its going to find a great home and if something’s wrong with it that needs to be fixed then you just gave this beautiful beast a good chance on life and it will be famous, hopefully it could stand the fame of being the biggest hog caught alive. I’m pretty sure after everything is done it will teach us more about hogs. Awesome job and getting it alive is even better. Maybe there’s a possibility of mating it with another hog.

  31. some of you are seriously funny. It’s a f’in hog! could feed many families or be spread out in several food shelters.. Either way its a hog…….hunt it, dispatch it, fry it in a pan. “love the smell bacon in the mornin’…smells like..breakfast”

    • One of the worst and scariest encounters I ever had was when I was walking across a field and came upon some baby pigs then when I looked around here came a very mad mother hog running after me. Thankfully I was able to climb up a small tree nearby before she tore me apart. These guys who catch and kill these wild hogs are really heros who are helping to save farmers crops and could be saving lives because these wild hogs could easily kill a person or child. These wild hogs reproduce at a large rate also. I know some of these hunters kill these wild hogs and give the meat away to food banks. To me these guys are heroes killing these wild hogs or they would be overpopulating and causing much destruction.

  32. LMAO at some of ur comments….I’m assuming half of u didn’t even read this article bc it CLEARLY states that Garcia called the farmer to ask if there was ANY domestic hogs around that could have gotten out when told NO BY THE FARMER (shocker, brace urselves) that would mean it would be a wild hog rather than Domestic. Now why they caught it alive well u see in order to make this hog bigger and it has to eat so it can be sold to the slaughter house for meat. personally I would have shot it but that’s just me however I’m not a boar hunter though. And just bc y’all’s meats come from grocery stores doesn’t mean they once weren’t alive.. and no they more than likely didn’t die from natural causes. They were slaughtered in a meat packing place. So grow up put on big girl panties and leave these boys alone…they were simply doing their job that the farmer HIRED them to do. Btw Ham sounds so yummy right now…wonder what the wild taste would be like in a honey ham Hmmm.

  33. Well, I’ve read almost every comment from several posts about this boar capture. At first glance, I felt very bad for the boar being tied up and obviously being very uncomfortable. As I continued to read the article I was enlightened to some facts. Even though this was a boar that escaped it’s owner, there is a real problem with feral boars doing damage to people’s property in some parts of the country, whether it be their livelihoods or homes. Somebody has to take care of this problem so it’s a good thing that some people enjoy doing this. On the flip side, I happen to eat meat often but I still think it’s creepy that some people look at a photo of a large hairy boar that’s tied up and struggling and make comments like “mmmm bacon”. And a message to the young men who captured the boar. Every move we make can easily be displayed to the world on social media and this story in trending on Facebook. I support you guys but be prepared for a lot nasty comments from around the world! Peace

  34. For all you city dwellers who think the hog needs a home…thanks for the entertainment! And…I invite you all to open your home to all of the country nuisance animals that are eliminated/killed on a daily basis. Rats, Raccoons, Snakes, Hogs, Mice… at least hogs can be eaten. Although, one of that size would not be very tasty without a lot of ice soaking for quite a few days. I can smell him from Arkansas.

  35. I’d be more afraid of the “hills have eyes” type guy in the suspenders!. Besides, it should either be put on display or released in and unpopulated area. Not some big game ranch where some scumbag sport hunter could pay to kill due to his lack of hunting skills. The animal made it that far, set it loose in an uninhabited area and leave it alone.

  36. Hey guys, nice catch! I would love to send PDF copy of of children’s book I Want To Be Bacon When I Grow Up!’ for review to them.

    We’ve dealt with angry vegans too. Don’t worry, they good away after 15 minutes 🙂

  37. GOD put animals such as deer, hogs, ducks and any other thing you can kill and eat. He did it so we would have food to put on the table for our families. I live in the country and out here we kill what ever we can so we can have food to eat. If you don’t believe in killing animals don’t you think you should keep it to yourself. Bc GOD put those animals here for a reason.

    • Yes, the creator of this world wants us running around slaughtering the creatures he made just because they are weaker than us and taste good. If you’re going to eat meat fine then eat meat, but don’t try to justify it with religion. How about justify it with something meaningful like logical thinking?

  38. Great job of stalking, and live capture. Much harder than shooting at yardage. I commend you on your intelligence at outwitting one of the smartest animals on the planet. They (hogs) have been known to figure out mazes, as well as traps. Their ability to survive and thrive or multiply is second to few other animals. Thank you for removing this big fellow from the gene pool. Your admired in my circles. A friend Shawn

  39. I’m looking at both sides of everyone’s argument…IT IS A WILD ANIMAL…..My sentiment is release this animal…but in the end I believe I can almost smell the bacon!

  40. Actually they were not here first. The Spanish brought them here. They are invasive, very dangerous and destructive. You are probably also in favor of letting the pythons take over Florida.

  41. Those who believe wild hogs have more “right” to be in an area than people need to do some research. Wild hogs are an invasive species in many areas. They wreak havoc on an ecosystem by uprooting native plants, destroying natural habitat for native wildlife, and causing a major mess in general. They are comparable to the pythons and other big snakes in the Everglades, beavers released to non-native areas, nutria in the swamps etc. Just because there is a “wild” animal in an area, does not mean it belongs there, nor does the fact that it is wild negate the devastation it may cause to an ecosystem. This type of hunt may not be my cup of tea, but ecologically speaking, clearing out non-native animals is vital to certain overwrought ecosystems.

  42. You shop @ a grocery store and like most probably purchase MEAT. Where do you think this meat comes from? Are you a vegan? Before you attack me answer this question HONESTLY.

    I live in West Texas where most folks prefer not to live. We live where there are fewer trees, less green grass than most places but folks out here do little if any complaining about our scenery. In fact most of us prefer it. We like our slower pace & love the wide space not to mention lack of traffic. Even though we produce the majority of the oil, we pay more for gasoline than than the majority of the population does. Still YOU are the FIRST to WHINE! YES you are!

    How about we SHUT ER’ DOWN! you park, your vehicles & see how you like that – WALK A WHILE!

    So forgive me if I feel the right to voice my opinion from time to time on issues like this.

    Signed, Lovin’ Livin’ in the Desert … also we have some AWESOME sunsets too!

  43. Why are you blaming the Texans for killing this wild boar? What ridiculous sob stories some wrote. Are you okay with disease ridden rats living in your house with your children? Don’t give me that crap that you trap and release them! Do they need to post pictures of how they attack and maim other native animals, take food away from hungry people? Sometimes, something has to die or go. Yes, everything deserve a chance to live but since they are not native, they would overpopulate and starve to death taking everything with them.
    To the religious, Jesus ate meat, deal with it.

  44. There are wild horses out west they are trying to save. Ted Turner is helping in saving the bison, which was once wild. The bald eagle is wild, but illegal to kill. Some women are wild, but you can’t just kill them. So, what is eveyone’s point in thinking you should kill this boar? Just saying.

  45. That’s not a wild hog, that is a feral hog. Feral hogs are destroying the environment and it is good to see that monster taken out of the environment and put to good use, like feeding some people.

  46. Wish they could just go ahead and kill it. Don’t like seeing any living thing tied up like that. Hopefully they’ll be able to kill it soon… that’s the humane thing to do.

  47. Geno, forgive me if I sounded like I was attacking your opinion, as I was not, as all of us have our own opinion and I respect your input to help solve this problem… I guess I was trying to find a solution how to go about solving this constant problem with the ferals and farmers… I am a peaceful person and perhaps because I have never held a gun in my hand nor shot anything, I don’t know if I could kill anything as most of the people that have had the practice and perhaps being raised with shooting experience can do so easily… maybe, that is why I cannot relate to killing any living being… maybe, if my life depended on it, I would think differently… just thinking outside the box and actually not dealing with the problem like the Texans have to, I went on-line to research this with open mind… my friend lives outside of Decatur and he said they have to shoot to kill the ferals or all of the crops are destroyed and we Texans have no problem with that, as it is us or them for food survival… these ferals have been around for 8-10 thousand years worldwide but explorer DeSoto brought 17 ferals to Florida for food intake and within a few years there were 700 and multiplied roaming all over the south and enroute toTexas, so this has been an on-going problem for a lot of farmers/people… I watched the traps on youtube where they become fenced in to help eradicate the multitudes but since no one has really solved the problem, my friend said it is good as he always has fresh meat in his smoker… my veteran brother lived in Panama for a few years and said all over Central/South America, ferals are hunted for daily food supplies, so it is a constant free food source for carnivores worldwide…yes, I am a 15 year vegan since I made a choice for a healthier lifestyle and cannot stomach the way animals are treated in the endless suffering with the horrific methods used in slaughterhouses worldwide… I made a good change for me and do not push on anyone… everyone has the freedom of choice but for me it is a good one… wishing you a peaceful life and thank you for understanding my point of view… Blessings

  48. Like you, I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have seen the destruction that these wild & feral hogs are doing all over Texas & surrounding states. Some are a danger to animals & even humans. Had they not multiplied to mass numbers maybe we could have found a place for them to live in harmony but at this point I fear this is no longer possible. I am not a big hunter myself but I have friends that are. Believe me when I say I have never agreed in hunting as kill leave sport where you shoot an animal & leave it where you shot it. The only reason to take an animal’s life is for food. Even when hunters do it & have no intention of eating the meat it can be donated to others in need. There are always others who need it & welcome it. Feral or wild hog meat is no different. There are facilities that will take these animals, process the meat & make sure it goes to those in need. I have several friends that are vegans & I ap plaud their choice. They seem to be happy & healthy with their way of life. I enjoy protein entirely too much too much to ever consider going being a vegan. I honestly believe that the world would be a much happier place if more folks practiced acceptance.

  49. For the record I am Not “Anti ” Hunting, but I Hope they Have a change of heart and do not kill him , The feral pigs are not truly “Wild” they were released by Ranches for “Canned Hunts” I captured four Pigs, Ferals,
    largest at 600 lb, and they turned out to be the gentlest of pets and changed my life with their antics, I Hunt coyotes but do not kill them , Run them off with my dogs so they steer clear of ranches and are not Killed, a Hunt does not have to end in death. That’s why its called HUNT ing!

  50. I want to express my appreciation for the writer of this blog post. It’s clear they put a lot of effort and thought into their work, and it shows. From the informative content to the engaging writing style, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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