Waco mayor signs, presents social work proclamation to Tarleton students

Terik Holkamp, city of Waco Homeless Administrator, addresses the Waco City Council following Mayor Malcolm Duncan Jr.'s presentation of a proclamation declaring March 2015 as "Professional Social Work Month" in the city. She was joined by several Tarleton-Waco social work students during the council meeting and presentation.

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WACO (March 19, 2015) — City of Waco Mayor Malcolm Duncan Jr. signed and presented a proclamation to Tarleton State University social work faculty and students declaring March 2015 as Professional Social Work Month during the city council’s March 17 meeting.

Attending the council meeting were social work instructor and program manager for outreach support services Tancy C. Horn-Johnson, who currently serves as Heart of Texas interim branch chair for the National Association of Social Workers, Dr. Deneece Ferrales, Tarleton-Waco Coordinator, Dr. Darla Beaty, faculty. Also present were Tarleton social work students.

Mayor Duncan’s proclamation spotlighted the social work profession and highlighted the contributions social workers make to society.

The National Association of Social Workers declared this year’s theme, “Social Work Paves the Way for Change,” to raise awareness for the profession and its commitment to improve social conditions.

Also attending the council meeting this week was Teri Holtkamp, City of Waco Homeless Administrator. She spoke about the assistance Tarleton-Waco social work interns, and Baylor University interns bring when serving the City of Waco. In 2014, Tarleton-Waco placed a total of 19 social work students with the City of Waco.

To view a video from the March 17 Waco city council meeting and proclamation presentation, visit the Waco City Cable Channel’s online archive at: https://vimeo.com/122534468.

For more information about the social work program at Tarleton, visit www.tarleton.edu/socialwork.

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