Two injured in plane crash south of Stephenville along U.S. 67

The Erath County Fire Department's rescue workers had their work cut out for them at the scene of this air plane crash along U.S. 67 shortly after 9 a.m. this morning. Photo by Russell Huffman NEWS & SPORTS – FREE & LOCAL

Christy Stransky and York Gill via Facebook.
Christy Stransky and York Gill via Facebook.

By Russell Huffman

A light-engine plane crash has left at least one person with severe injuries after the aircraft went down and flipped over onto its top shortly after 9 a.m. this morning along U.S. 67 about two miles south of Stephenville.

Reports indicate the pilot of the plane (area team roper York Gill) has been taken by air ambulance to a DFW area hospital. A second person (Gills’ girlfriend Christy Stransky) extracted from the plane by Erath County Fire and Rescue was taken to the Harris Methodist Hospital in Stephenville. A witness at the scene said it did not appear the woman was severely injured.

The plane appeared to be on approach for a landing at the Stephenville Municipal Airport but did not reach the runway area as it crashed just a few feet short of U.S. 67. Traffic was slowed but not shut down at the location. Motorists are advised to be careful in the area as it will take a good deal of time for investigators to complete their tasks.

The plane is a 2001 PIPER PA-32R-301T which is reported to have been purchased by Gill in January of this year.


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  1. Good grief! We’ll I hope he’s going to be okay. She was lucky. I hate those small planes like that. I’m going to dinner with your Mom so I’ll show this to her. She’s on h e r way now. She talked to your Dad finally. He must have heard us trashing men on our way back from Hutch yesterday! LOL I let her fill you in. Love ya.

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