Dublin to keep splashing despite Leatherwood’s resignation

Lee Leatherwood presents a pool report to the members of the Dublin City Council meeting Monday night. Leatherwood stepped down from his position with the Dublin Pool Association, but recommended a replacement. || JESSIE HORTON photo


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DUBLIN (May 19, 2015) — It’s the end of an era.

At the Dublin City Council meeting Monday night, Lee Leatherwood resigned his position as manager of the Dublin City Pool under the Dublin Pool Association.

During his time at the Dublin Pool Association, Leatherwood changed the face of the pool. He brought in new lifeguards with certified training and worked hard to make the pool a place were kids and their families wanted to be.

There have been major changes in the three years Leatherwood has been in charge of the Dublin City Pool, including changes to the overall look of the pool – he held fundraisers and was able to paint and redo some of the major cosmetic issues the pool had.

Leatherwood also changed the cost of going to the Dublin City Pool. And while a price drop in admissions and pool rental was something that had always been discussed, but never done; Leatherwood did it and proved the pool could bring in more money by lowering the cost.

Now, he told the council, Leatherwood has other responsibilities that keep him from giving the pool the full attention that he feels like it deserves. So, on Monday night, Leatherwood presented the council with Jose Aleman. A young man, Leatherwood said he feels like is more than ready to help continue to make the pool a jewel in the city park, not an eye sore.

“I know that swimming pool is a great way to get people to come to the city park,” Leatherwood said. “And I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone at the city, as well as those at the pool, and making it so much better than it was. But I know it could be more, and I don’t think I’m in the position to make that happen like it should. I guess that’s the main reason I’m here tonight.”

Leatherwood told the council he was asking them to take the pool back from the pool association and to allow Aleman to become the manager of the pool for the city of Dublin. He said he had the upmost faith in Aleman to work well with the council and city officials.

While three of the council members had to requse themselves from the vote on the pool because of their association with either Leatherwood or the pool’s assistant manager, Dalton Zink, the rest of the council unanimously approved taking the pool back and having Aleman as the new manger.

Aleman told the council the pool would be ready to be opened Thursday and said it would open to the public on Tuesday, May 26, the day after the motorcycle club who has rented the Dublin City Park for Memorial Day weekend leaves.

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