Rescue Corner: The heart and soul of rescue

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Jennifer Buck-Aikman
Jennifer Buck-Aikman

There is no escaping the visions in my head. As rescuers we have two options in this world — hide part of your heart and soul from the horrors you see so they don’t destroy you, or give all of yourself to this calling and let it consume you. Those of us that have been around for a while know that we have to keep that hidden part protected. We vent to each other, we cry ourselves to sleep some nights and at least once a week we want to quit. But here we are, still breaking our hearts to save who we can. Because to us they matter!

In a country that euthanizes 9,000 to 11,000 animals a day for space, you cannot save them all, so therefore you are opening yourself for heartbreak on a daily basis. I have seen some of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting have their hearts hardened by the overwhelming need in the rescue world and the minimal amount of people and lack of resources to take on such a large task. We are humans with an empathy for the battered and bruised souls we work fiercely to save. We are far from perfect and we sometimes fall. Forgive us, we are doing work that is much greater than we are!
My personal goal with this column is to raise awareness of course with the bully breeds on my end but also to shed light on the fact that there are never enough helping hands around. There really is no such thing as too many! Get in touch with the shelters in your area find out who the rescues are in your town everyone can bring something positive to the table! We will be thrilled to have you!
Rescue for me has always been and will continue to be about saving lives, WE can save far more TOGETHER than I can alone.
Jennifer Buck-Aikman is the Founder and President of Angels & Outlaws Second Chance Bully Ranch here in Erath County. She is a member of the SHS Class of 1996 and a lifelong member of the community. She believes that to truly Rescue means to work together no boundaries, no drama, just saving lives! To further discuss Rescue Corner, email her at

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