RODEO: Yates, Boardman, Watkins all score calf roping wins

Local team ropers, saddle bronc riders also excel as local pros win almost $140K

Lingleville barrel racer Britany Diaz, wife of esteemed saddle bronc rider Isaac Diaz, won the Mandan Rodeo Days in 15.25 seconds. She is shown competing in the 2014 National Finals Rodeo. || Courtesy DUDLEY BARKER/


(July 5, 2015) — Area rodeo athletes captured event championships at six PRCA rodeos this week and Marty Yates won a round of the calf roping at the prestigious Calgary Stampede, the world’s richest tournament rodeo.

Yates brushed off a no time in round one at Calgary, returning to rope and tie his calf in a blazing, NFR-like 6.8 seconds in round two Saturday. The Stephenville cowboy, who will rope his fourth calf in Calgary on his 21st birthday Monday, won $5,500 for the round, and a 6.8 should almost certainly advance him to the finals in the event, which goes by fastest times, not an average.

Marty Yates, shown with aunt and 17-time WPRA champ JJ Hampton, won the Pool A, Round 2 tie-down roping at the Calgary Stampede in Calgary Saturday.
Marty Yates, shown with aunt and 17-time WPRA champ JJ Hampton, won the Pool A, Round 2 tie-down roping at the Calgary Stampede in Calgary Saturday.

That was just the beginning of a dominant week by Erath County tie-down ropers, as Cimarron Boardman of Stephenville scored a significant victory at Cody, Wyo. and Ryan Watkins of Bluff Dale shared top money at Window Rock, Ariz.

Boardman won the Cody Stampede, one of the richest rodeos of the PRCA regular season. He earned $10,091 in 8.1 seconds. The Stephenville roper also shared seventh place four ways at the Livingston Round-Up, pushing his total to $11,351 for the week.

Watkins posted a 7.6 to split top three and $2,177 at Window Rock’s 29th annual Fourth of July Celebration & PRCA rodeo.

Yates entered the week seventh in the world standings, Boardman 20th and Watkins 28th. Sterling Smith and Chase Williams, both of Stephenville, are 14th and 24th, respectively.



Isaac Diaz continued his torrid saddle bronc pace, winning for the 11th time this year and the first outside Texas. He covered two broncs for 162 points to share the average and $2,588 at the Greeley Stampede in Greeley, Colorado. He won the second round and $1,650 with 86 points on Beutler & Son Rodeo’s Killer Bee.

Diaz missed the NFR last year but is on pace to reach the finals for the third time in four years and the fifth time of his career. He entered the week seventh in the world standings, just ahead of eighth-place Jacobs Crawley of Stephenville. Diaz, who also tied for fourth and almost $2,600 at the Cody Stampede and was third for almost $2,400 at the Livingston Round-Up, earned $9,460 for the week with more possibly coming in Sunday. Diaz is tied for fourth with an 82-point ride at World’s Oldest Rodeo that concludes Sunday in Prescott, Ariz.

Crawley did his part to keep pace, taking second and $3,157 with 87 points at Oakley Independence Rodeo in Oakley City, Utah, and second with another 87-point ride worth $3,243 at Livingston Round-Up. That’s 6,400 this week and more than $15,000 the last two weeks for Crawley, who earned more than $9,000 at the Ponoka Stampede in Canada a week prior.

Jacobs Crawley is second in the average after Friday's win.
Jacobs Crawley has won more than $15,000 in saddle bronc riding the last two weeks. || Courtesy DUDLEY BARKER/

Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill have won the last two world titles together and each have three career world championships in the team roping. Tryan, header of Lipan, and Corkill, heeler of Huckabay, hold down their usual spot atop the world standings, and padded their lead with more than 3,000 each in St. Paul, Ore., more than $3,000 in Greeley and more than $1,200 in Molalla, Ore. They earned $7,434 each.

Five other Erath County heelers earned big pay through the week, led by Travis Graves. He partnered with Chad Masters to win the second round and $7,937 each in 4.3 seconds in Cody. An additional $2,037 for placing third in 4.6 seconds at Red Lodge, Mont. pushed their week total to $9,974.

Heeler Jim Ross Cooper teamed with Joel Bach for first and $6,622 in 4.1 seconds at Livingston, and for second and $2,525 in 5.2 at Eugene, Ore. The tandem earned $9,147 for the week.

Jake Long earned almost $6,900 with a victory in 5.0 seconds worth almost $3,900 at Window Rock, Ariz., and almost $3,000 more for a first-round win in 4.9 seconds in Greeley. He ropes with header Coleman Proctor.



Morgan Mill heeler Dakota Kirchenschlager has been on a tear with JoJo LeMond of Andrews, and that continued with $3,976 at Greeley and $2,397 at Red Lodge. They earned $6,373 each.

Travis Woodard won the heeling average at Molalla, where he captured a total of $3,542.

Woodard was sixth, Graves ninth, Long 11th, Kirchenschlager 19th and Jim Ross Cooper 23rd in the world standings entering the week.

Britany Diaz, wife of wife of surging saddle bronc star Isaac, scored a big barrel race win in Mandan, ND. The two-time NFR qualifier completed the course in 15.25 seconds for $3,632. She entered the week ranked 19th in the world, just behind No. 18 Shelby Herrmann of Stephenville and Tarleton State.

Local competitors combined to win $138,449 from 13 PRCA rodeos through the week. That included $31,863 at Livingston, $25,586 at Cody and $23,765 at Greeley.

Below is a look at placing results from area cowboys during the rodeo week ending Sunday, July 5 (one PRCA event still in progress):

*CALGARY STAMPEDE (Non-PRCA tournament rodeo)

Tie-Down Roping, Pool A, Round 2:

1. Marty Yates, 6.8 seconds, $5,500

LIVINGSTON ROUND-UP (Livingston, Mont.) ($31,863)

Bareback Riding: T2. Bobby Mote 85, $3,215

Team Roping: 1. Jim Ross Cooper (h), 4.1, $6,622; T3. Turtle Powell (H), 4.6, $4,182; 7. David Key/Martin Lucero, 4.9, $2,440; T9. Patrick Smith (h), 5.1, $697

Saddle Bronc Riding: 2. Jacobs Crawley 87, $3,243; 3. Isaac Diaz, 85, $2,397

T-Down Roping: T3. Reese Riemer, 7.7, $4,094; T7. Cimarron Boardman 8.5, $1,260

Barrel Race: T7. Shelby Herrmann 17.69, $1,273

CODY STAMPEDE (Cody, Wyo.) ($25,586 won by locals)

Team Roping:

Round 1: T2. Travis Graves (h), 4.3, $7,937; 6. Patrick Smith (h), 4.5, $4,465; T10. Luke Brown/Kollin VonAhn, 4.8, $248

Saddle Bronc Riding: T4. Isaac Diaz, 81, $2,597

Tie-Down Roping: 1. Cimarron Boardman, 8.1, $10,091

GREELEY STAMPEDE (Greeley, Colo.) ($23,765)

Team Roping:

Round 1: Jake Long (h), 4.9, $2,981; T2. Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill, 5.0, $2,023; Dakota Kirchenschlager (h), 5.0, $2,023; 6. Patrick Smith (h), 5.3, $1,037; T7. Zayne Dishion (H), 5.4, $454

Finals: T1. Patrick Smith (h), 5.9, $1,153

6. Dakota Kirchenschlager (h), 10.3, $218

Average: 2. Patrick Smith (h), 11.2 on 2, $3,888; 6. Dakota Kirchenschlager (h), 15.3, $1,555; Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill, 19.2, $972

Saddle Bronc Riding:

First Round: T7. Isaac Diaz, 76, $228

Second Round: 1. Isaac Diaz, 86, $1,650

Average: T1. Isaac Diaz, 162 on 2, $2,588



ST. PAUL RODEO (St. Paul, Ore.) ($13,200)

Team Roping:

Round 1: 1. Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill, 4.7, $3,036

Round 2: T2. Luke Brown/Kollin VonAhn, 4.4, $2,442; 4. Walt Woodard (h), 4.6, $1,848

Average: 8. Walt Woodard (h), 13.9 on 2, $396

29th ANNUAL FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATION & PRCA RODEO (Window Rock, Ariz.) ($12,455)

Team Roping: 2. Jake Long (h), 5.0, $3,883; 3. Paul Eaves (h), 5.1, $3,426; 4. Kaleb Driggers (h), 5.2, $2,969

Tie-Down Roping: T1. Ryan Watkins 7.6, $2,177

MOLALLA BUCKEROO RODEO (Malalla, Ore.) ($8,675)

Team Roping:

Round 1: 1. Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill, 4.9, $1,223; T3. Billy Bob Brown (H), 5.5, $696; T3. Travis Woodard (h), 5.5, $696

Round 2: 2. Travis Woodard (h), 5.7, $1,012

Average: 1. Travis Woodard, 11.2 on 2, $1,834; 5. Luke Brown, Kollin VonAhn, 20.8, $569

Tie-Down Roping: T7. Reese Riemer, 8.4, $853

HOME OF CHAMPIONS RODEO (Red Lodge, Mont.) ($5,932)

Team Roping: 2. Kirchenschlager (h), 4.5, $2,397; 3. Travis Graves (h); 4.6, $2,037; T4. Cole Davison (h), 4.8, $1,498

OAKLEY INDEPENDENCE DAY RODEO (Oakley City, Utah) ($5,445)

Team Roping:

Round 2: 2. Luke Brown/Kollin VonAhn, 4.4, $1,144

Saddle Bronc Riding: 2. Jacobs Crawley, 87, $3,157

EUGENE PRO RODEO (Eugene, Ore.) ($4,753)

Team Roping: 2. Jim Ross Cooper (h), 5.2, $2,525; 3. Walt Woodard (h), 5.3, $2,228

MANDAN RODEO DAYS (Mandan, ND) ($3,632)

Barrel Race: 1. Britany Diaz 15.25, $3,632

WESTERN STAMPEDE (West Jordan, Utah) ($2,889)

Bareback Riding: 5. Richie Champion, 82, $847

Saddle Bronc Riding: 3. Sterling Crawley, 80, $2,042

OLD WEST TRAIL RODEO (Crawford, Neb.) ($254)

Tie-Down Roping: 4. Chase Williams 11.7, $254


Team Roping:

Round 1: T6. Jake Long (h), 5.8

Round 2: T1. Turtle Powell (H), 5.8

Average: 2. Turtle Powell (H), 11.9 on 2.

Saddle-Bronc Riding: T4. Isaac Diaz 82

Tie-Down Roping: 1. Reese Riemer 8.7, Ryan Watkins 9.3



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