Bank fund established to help burned out food pantry



Fires can be devastating, but in some cases even more so when the building destroyed serves so many people.

That’s the case of “The Pantry & More” in Stephenville where a fire shortly after the lunch hour Thursday completely wiped out all of the contents and leaving the building a total loss.

Tom Shelton has operated what has been known by many as simply “the food pantry” for the past 15 year. Things have been far from simple as he has continually worked to provide food and the basic necessity items for those in need.

It is work that has come without much recognition while so vitally serving hundreds of others.

“Tom Shelton has spent the last 15 years making this his life’s work,” Andy Hansen said. “Tom is a member of our church (Elk Ridge Baptist) and here is an immediate need.”

With the money and food going to others there was no insurance and that’s why the church has established a fund at Texas Bank in Stephenville for cash donations.

“We are going to have meeting to see how we may be able to set up a temporary pantry,” Hansen said. “We received lots of calls from people who have been helped by Tom and they would like a chance to give back. We think this will be the best way to get started.”

At the moment there no place to store food or other items. It is recommended those persons wishing to donate do so by taking their cash, check Etc. donations to Texas Bank located at 998 Wolfe Nursery Road in Stephenville.

The fire is under investigation by the Stephenville Fire Marshal’s office which is expected to attempt to determine the cause of the blaze today. Late yesterday, the fire scene was still considered “too dangerous” for an investigator to enter.

Anyone planning a fundraiser to assist The Pantry and More with donations is urged to contact via our Facebook page so we may help in promoting your event.












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