Stephenville PD: No arrests made in Bluebonnet Street tire slasher case



STEPHENVILLE (August 24, 2015) — Last week, residents in the Bluebonnet Street area woke up to not just flat tires, but slashed ones.

According to SPD officials, more than 40 vehicles reportedly had tires slashed in the early morning hours of Wednesday, August 19. Since that time, Stephenville Police have been investigating and taking numerous reports.

Officers have checked out several leads, followed up on some tips and have a couple of suspects, Stephenville PD Chief Jason King said. However, despite numerous reports an arrest has been made in the case, on Monday, Aug. 24, King said Stephenville PD has not made an arrest.


He said officers have solid leads and good suspects they are working on, but no arrest has been made and no official charges have been filed at this time. King recommends everyone in the area who had their tires slashed contact the police department and file a report.

The more tires the police know about, the higher the charges that can be filed. According to the Texas penal code, if the dollar amount of the damages done is high enough, the charges could be changed from misdemeanor charges to state jail felony or even higher.

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