Sex allegations, no video tape, lies and cover-ups at Stephenville City Hall (Part 5)

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The Flash Today has obtained electronic communications between city officials involving the recent parting of ways between Judy Horn-Miller and the city of Stephenville. This is the fifth  part of a series of stories releasing even more information concerning this hot topic.

Part 4 of The Flash Today’s series on the problems being encountered at Stephenville City Hall left off with a preview of the real progress being made by the city. Stories like those are still coming, but first this storyline needs to take a different angle. To clarify Judy Horn-Miller was known to the public as “Miller” and was often referred to as both “Horn” and “Miller”.

Granting building permits without cause, proven falsehoods, attempts to cover up the falsehoods, playing the blame game and unaccounted-for funds – one must wonder what it takes to make the Stephenville City Council stop considering you for employment.

Just two days after Mayor Kenny Weldon in published statements said the city was no longer considering Judy Horn-Miller for employment there is evidence pointing out otherwise.

In the below email, Councilman Rhett Harrison indicated he was instructed by Mayor Weldon “to contact” his fellow councilmembers. The email includes City Administrator Pat Bridges and fails to c.c. the City Attorney Randy Thomas.

Despite the swirl of controversy surrounding Miller's recent dismissal there have been rumors that city council members wants her back. Rhett Harrison's nearly 2 a.m. email shows he was burning the midnight oil.
Despite the swirl of controversy surrounding Miller’s recent dismissal there have been rumors that city council members want her back. Rhett Harrison’s email  at almost 2 a.m. Thursday morning shows he was burning the midnight oil.

From: Rhett Harrison
Date: September 3, 2015 at 12:41:29 AM CDT
To: Patrick Bridges
Cc: Mark McClinton, Boyd Waggoner, Doug Svien, Russ McDanel, Kenny Weldon, Alan Nix, Sherry Zachery, Jerry Warren
Subject: Annexation Committee

Mr. Bridges,

This is in respect to limited contacts involving the Mayor, Mr. Lee Elliot, you and myself in relation to annexation. As Chairperson for the Annexation Committee, there exists only the economic feasibility data for completion.

The Annexation Committee agreed Ms. Judy Miller would head up the process. The timeline established was September by my directive. However, Ms. Miller is no longer employed by the City. I have been left with the impression Mr. Elliot would be providing such data since Miller’s absence.

Mr. Elliot and I have established email contact. I have also left verbal message with Mr. Elliot late last week for a meeting and/or discussion specifics. With no follow up, I was hoping to catch Mr. Elliot at recent council meeting. However, he was unavailable due to health issues as I understand.

A follow up, for whatever justified reason, has been unsuccessful. After consulting with the Mayor, and agreed desire to have the Annexation Plan work in conjunction with the Thoroughfare Plan, a more definitive deadline has been established for October. This should also allow time for a couple of committee meetings, compiling an overall report and presentation to council for approval.

Subsequently, I made a proposal to the Mayor, and he recommended I contact you for action. The proposal was to allow Mr. Elliot to operate uninterrupted from his primary responsibilities at City Hall and Ms. Miller be independently contracted for the amount of $500 to provide the economic information vital to committee. The time frame for completion is three to four weeks from start.

1)       Ms. Miller is qualified for the task

2)      Has a previous relationship with the Annexation Committee understanding our objectives

3)       I, personally, feel comfortable working with Ms. Miller on said project

I have discussed basics with Miller, and she is receptive. It is a unique fit that should yield efficient results with a sense of unmatched frugalness.

Rhett Harrison

When sent an email questioning and alerting Harrison it would be published, his response was, “This was an email sent exclusively to all on the council and Pat Bridges as a viable solution under my duties as chair of the Annexation Committee.  I stand by its content and its reasoning without pause.”

Much has already been made as to Councilman Jerry Warren’s published statement of “NO” when it came to the question of whether the council was, “Considering Miller for employment as the head of the newly formed Economic Development Authority.”

Weldon in another story said there had been discussions/brainstorming and Miller’s name had come up, but the city had recognized a problem, moved to correct it and was now moving forward with the best interests of community in mind.

Two days after discussing a $120,000 contract that will provide the city with much needed inspections and even an upgrade to plan reviews was met with great debate, the council appears to be back at square one.


Properties that don’t meet the city’s master plans, allegedly granting favors for unknown reasons, denying, falsehoods, placing the blame on others, allegedly no consideration for a historic cemetery and reportedly “Going Air Force Colonel” on a city employee when the video fails to stream the council meeting where Miller was dismissed. Mayor Weldon has been emailed and alerted by text to a list of questions concerning the above. He was also sent the email contained in this story for comment. As of 4 p.m. Thursday, Weldon had not responded.


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